In January of 2012, I went to Passion in Atlanta. I was moved to “Do Something Now”, and when I got home from the conference, I researched mission projects that I could take part in that summer. Less than a month later, I’d applied to a project through the International Mission Board, and I’d been approved to go to a suburb of Melbourne, Australia in May. The next few months were busy with fundraising, preparing my heart and emotions to be gone for two months, and stressing about packing two months’ worth of life into one suitcase.

the five Americans exploring Wollongong, New South Wales, May 2012

I spent nine glorious weeks in the land down under. I won’t lie, there were some weeks that were so much harder than others that I thought I would have to go home early, like the very first week there and the two weeks I spent in the Outback. But there were other weeks that were so wonderful that I couldn’t imagine getting on a plane to come home, like the week I stayed with my friend Lauren and the week I gained two little sisters, one of whom could’ve easily passed for a true sibling. 


Cam, Phoebe, Jemima, and Kammi, one of the sweetest families in Pakenham, July 2012


enjoying time with Lauren in Katherine, Northern Territory, July 2012


spending our last days in Oz sightseeing in Sydney, July 2012

I absolutely loved every bit of my time in Australia, and I itch to go back almost every day. I’m thankful for facebook and instagram so that I can catch up with my mates there. Read more about my Australian adventures here.


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