God has been incredibly gracious to give me so many people in my life whom are absolute blessings to me. I would not be the person I am if they were not in my life, and there would basically be no blog because I’d have nothing to write about if I didn’t have them. There are plenty more than the ones posted below, but these are some of the most important in my life, and I mention them regularly in my posts.


the family, November 2016


Chelsea, my best friend from high school (you can read about her adventures here), December 2015


Kaila, my best college friend, December 2016


Casie, my old boss/”big sister”/everything else, March 2013


Kasey, my best camp friend and the one who forces me to dream big, August 2016


Casie’s boys, Jack and Joe, who call me Ash Ash, September 2016

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