Uh, spring? Really? 

I’m not sure what it’s like where you live, but it has been one cold spring here in the Queen City. It was 34 degrees the other morning when I was leaving for work, and bless my friend Emma Kate, because she took the dog out for me so I didn’t have to walk around in that cold weather. People, it’s been so cold, I’ve even turned on my heated seats. IN APRIL.

I’m incredibly ready for some warmer, spring-like temps, but while I’m still waiting on those, I’m still enjoying this unplanned life I’ve been given.


My friend Michelle and I worked the merch table for a Drew Holcomb concert about 45 minutes south of Charlotte. It was an interesting event, but we had a blast and got to hang out with Drew for a little bit after it was over. So fun!


I headed down to Greenville for a little bit of my spring break, and I got to spend about 24 hours (including sleeping) with this lady. Let me tell you what, #kashtastic time is always encouraging, and I’m so glad I carved out some time to spend with Kasey and that Kasey and Aaron opened up their home for me. And guess what? I get to see them in less than two weeks! Two times in less than a month?! It’s like a Christmas miracle 🙂


I was in Augusta for all of 2.5 seconds during Spring Break, and the main reason was to celebrate this guy’s birthday. So grateful God chose him to be my dad!


In my whirlwind Augusta trip, I took these two out for some much needed Ash Ash time. We had a blast golfing, arcading, ice creaming, and birthday celebrating. They made me laugh so much, and I’m so thankful they still want to spend time with me!


My parents rent their house out for the Masters every year, and in the past, they’ve just stayed with me. But, this year, they stayed with a friend and I took Lucy back to Charlotte. This was how she slept practically every day, and I’ve gotta admit, waking up to this was kinda the cutest thing.



Emma Kate came in town, and we did a painting class with Evelyn Henson (check out her work if you haven’t–you’ll like it for sure!). We had a blast. We laughed at our inadequate painting skills (although, these turned out super cute), we caught up over really good food, and we fell right back into where we’d left off from camp all those summers ago. EK, since I know you’re reading this, thanks for coming, and let’s do it again soon! Love you!


And just because…TWO MONTHS from today, Kaila and I set out on our (hopefully first of many) #SurpriseBestFriendTrip (hope you’re okay with that hashtag, K). She doesn’t know where we’re going (eeeeekkkk), and I do, and it’s been so fun planning this! I can’t wait. There won’t be as many easy going days as there were from this trip to the beach (above), but it will be great.