7: Months 5, 6, & 7

While at camp, I chose to only spend my money in 7 “places”. (See this post for more details.) For the most part, I did well with this. I was able to save a decent amount of money, and I was able to not waste my money on things I didn’t need. One weekend, I went to JCrew and bought a dress, and another weekend I went to Target and bought heels (which I sort of needed). So, minus those two purchases, which one was allowed because I built in a safety net, I did well. I learned that I sometimes waste my money (I already knew that), and that even though Target is cuter, Walmart can satisfy my basic human needs. I won’t lie. This was really hard. And my parents may or may not have purchased a couple of things for me when they came and visited. But, I’m glad I did this, and even in the few weeks of being home, I’ve walked away from a bunch of things that I don’t need because I don’t need to spend the money. I have, however, been to Target too many times to count. AND our Target is adding produce to it/getting remodeled, so I know I’ll be there even more 🙂

So, what am I going to do for this final month of 7? I was going to eat only 7 foods for the month, but after trying that back in the spring, I just don’t know that I can truly do that. However, I want to still be aware of my waste, so I’m going to not eat out during the month of September. This will not only be healthier and financially smart, it will be hard! I mean, who doesn’t love a Chickfila sandwich or tacos from our local Mexican restaurant? I am going to Atlanta one weekend, and because of the situation, I’ll have to eat out for at least one meal. But other than that, I’m going cold turkey and eating all meals at home. EEK.


And in other news….this is happening THIS weekend! Seems like just yesterday they got engaged! And on Saturday they will be married!!!!! So, that’s what I’ll be doing all weekend long 🙂



7: Month 4

For this month of 7, I took one day each week as my “Sabbath”. OH MY GOODNESS, y’all. Do it. Having one day each week that was meant just to rest and relax was pure genius. I mean, obviously the Lord knew what He was doing when He rested. Why don’t we? That could lead to a whole other post where I talk about Americanized Christianity, and honestly, I just don’t want to do that today. But, for real, taking a day each week to rest is so necessary.

Only one of my “Sabbaths” was on Sunday; the rest were other days during the week. Too many Sundays I had to work or I had a church event that made the day last longer/not be a real day of rest. I slept in on every day that I took as my “Sabbath”, and I did a lot of reading. A LOT. I did some shopping (shocker), and I caught up with friends. This month was incredibly busy with finishing classes + work + babysitting. It was nice to have a day each week that was devoted to whatever I needed to do to rest.

I’m at camp now, so I’m done with that month of 7. However, I’m embarking on a harder journey as I’m at camp. I’m going to spend money in only 7 places during the two months that I’m at camp this summer. The reason I chose to do this now is because I spent (read: wasted) a lot of money at camp last summer. While I’m at camp almost 24/7 and can’t exactly go to Target whenever I want, I can however buy things online. And oh boy did I ever do that. Also, there is a JCrew Warehouse Store just down the road from camp so add in incredibly great deals + a discount, and I spent TOO much money there. Needless to say, it was pretty much a no-brainer when I decided to only spend money in 7 places while at camp. What are the 7 places, you ask?

  1. Food – While this encompasses a lot of things, I honestly can’t just put one place on here for food. I’m responsible for two of my meals on my day off, so I’m not really sure where that will be. I am, however, going to try and limit my random Starbucks and Cookout trips because those are just unnecessary in general.
  2. Gas – Again, I can’t pinpoint just one gas station. I may go home on one of my days off, and I also plan to visit a friend or two, so it may be at more than one gas station.
  3. WalMart – I sort of hate WalMart. Like, let’s be honest. There are never enough cash registers open, and you can never find exactly what you want. BUT, I have to go to WalMart for camp. I know I will. And, by going to WalMart for the groceries/toiletries/life things I’ll need, I’ll be less tempted to buy really cute things at Target.
  4. Camp – This year, I’m doing my laundry at camp, which is something we have to pay for. There are a few other expenses that I have to pay for at camp as well, so it just makes sense to have this as one of my places.
  5. Ingles – Publix is by far my favorite grocery store, but there aren’t any in Asheville (or even in North Carolina, I think?). But, Ingles is a pretty good alternative, and it’s right around the corner from camp, so it’s nice to pop in whenever I want to buy a Naked juice or some fruit.
  6. My Church – I don’t want to sound pretentious or holier than thou, but we, as Christians, have been called to give back to our local body of believers. While I’m not there in Augusta, I still find this incredibly important, and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to give online.
  7. Random – I’m giving myself one random shopping opportunity. I have a feeling of what this might be, but I’m not completely sure, so I’m just going to leave it there as that. What can I say? 9 weeks is a long time, and I may want to buy something for myself at some point.

I’m at camp now, and I am learning so much that I’ll have to post on that later. However, I want to share with you these beautiful flowers I was greeted with on Wednesday!



Oh Yeah, 7

April was the month where I was supposed to where only 7 clothes (besides my work clothes) for a month.

I did well until halfway through week 4. Other than the day I went to the Masters and one day where it was FREEZING, I stuck to my plan. I wore that dadgum orange Auburn t-shirt more than I ever should have, and if I ever have to see my skinny jeans again, I might scream. I had about four days left in the month, and I had a meeting at school to go to. The only things I had clean out of my 7 clothes were my coral maxi skirt and my orange Auburn t-shirt. That combo was NOT about to happen. I threw on a cute blue skirt, and I said I’M DONE.

So, I didn’t exactly complete this month, but whatever. I still learned a few things, and the days after that meeting I wore stuff for work (which was included) and I had to dress up for a class project, so I don’t feel too bad about “cheating”. 🙂 Here’s what I learned:

  • I care way too much about what other people are going to say about my outfits. Not to sound conceited, but I tend to get compliments on my clothing items/outfits. I really enjoy looking cute (most days). But at the end of the day, what matters isn’t what’s on the outside, but the inside (sort of cliche, I know).
  • People DIDN’T notice. And if they did, they didn’t say anything about it. I babysat for four days in a row, and I wore two outfits those four days. The parents never said a thing.
  • It wasn’t the end of the world. Yeah, it would’ve been nice to have had a jacket when Kaila and I were in Athens and it was a bit chilly or had a rain coat on a few of the days it poured, but I survived without those things.
  • It’s easy to get stuck in a “clothes rut”. I sometimes cycle through the same t-shirts, jeans, shorts, etc. and forget I even have some of the items I have. I’m trying to do better and take advantage of the clothes I own.

What’s next? This month (May), I’m going to set aside one day each week for the Sabbath. As I’ve grown in my faith, this is something I’ve realized is so important. There is obviously a reason the Lord rested. We NEED rest. Shoot, this week alone I am in such need of rest. I’ve looked at the month ahead, and even though classes are over, I’m swamped. If I’m not working, I’m babysitting, and if I’m not babysitting, I’m going to the beach. Literally, that is the month of May for me. Soooooo, I’m setting aside one day each week (that may not be Sunday) for my Sabbath. I’m resting, and for me that may mean reading a book, catching up on household chores, shopping, or just hanging out with friends. I’m hoping to make the most of this time, because I really want to head to camp prepared and ready to serve, not exhausted.

Here’s to another month of 7! What a journey.

Sunday at Augusta

I’ve lived in Augusta basically my entire life. I grew up about a mile away from the gates to the course. And in those twenty years, I’ve never once been to the Masters. Tickets don’t just go on trees, and whenever we have gotten tickets, we’ve sold them. It’s INSANE the amount of money you can get for tickets. I didn’t care too much about the Masters when I was younger. I honestly was annoyed by the whole thing; Augusta goes upside down during this week. But, as I got older, I began to understand just how cool this tournament was. People from literally all over the world come to my little city for a week to watch golfers make history. We haven’t gotten tickets in a while, so I haven’t had the opportunity to go. However, yesterday, I got the chance to go for just an hour or so. And it was such a perfect day. Kaila and I got to see Bubba Watson (we even stood next to his wife!), Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, etc. It was so fun, and I am SO glad Bubba won again!! What a classy guy. 20140414-125824.jpg

 Masters selfies with my bestie 🙂


On Tournament days you can’t bring your camera onto the course, and you can never bring your cell phone in. So, after we handed off our badges to Kaila’s brother and his girlfriend, we went back and got my phone from my car. We took a picture by the scoreboard off of Berckmans Road. So fun!



I loved how Bubba gave high-fives to the patrons that were on 18. And how CUTE is his son? I also love Ben Rector, so I found this super cool!

Sunday at Augusta, you were spectacular. There aren’t enough words to describe just how beautiful you are, Augusta National. Here’s to hoping we can snag some tickets again next year!

Oh, and no, I wasn’t wearing any of my clothes from 7. But, I think this was an exception that was totally allowed. I mean, I wasn’t about to go to the Masters without anything from JCrew on 🙂

7(ish) Clothing Items for a Month

This month for my 7 challenge is to wear only 7 pieces of clothing. 7 PIECES OF CLOTHING. When I first read that chapter in Jen Hatmaker’s book, I sort of laughed. Yeah, maybe I’ll do that one. I can handle the giving things away and the no social media (which apparently I couldn’t really), but only 7 pieces of clothes. Yeah, right. But, here I am, day 2 into my month of only 7 clothes, and I’m doing this. What clothes did I pick, you ask?

  1. Khaki Shorts
  2. Black Athletic Shorts
  3. Dark Skinny Jeans
  4. Coral Maxi Skirt
  5. Light Denim Button-Up
  6. Orange Auburn T-Shirt
  7. Short-Sleeve Blue & Pink Striped Shirt

I am not counting undergarments (because, gross! I don’t do laundry enough for that) nor am I counting the jeans and plain white shirts I have to wear to work. I’m also going to rotate between my Chacos, gold sandals, and tennis shoes over the next month. So, it’s not exactly 7 items but it’s pretty close in my opinion.

Why am I doing this? Well, you can read my synopsis of 7 here, but I’m doing this as a “fast” of sorts. I LOVE my clothes, and I really do enjoy putting outfits together. Real life confession: I really enjoy planning my outfits for the weeks I get to student teach. It may or may not be my favorite part of student teaching 😉 I spent a LOT of time planning what I’m going to wear or trying on 12 different outfits before settling on one. I waste a lot of time doing this, and if my ultimate goal in this “7 journey” is to get closer to the Lord, then I don’t need to be wasting time on what clothes I’m going to wear. I do think it’s important to look nice and presentable, but I don’t think that’s the most important things in life. AND, I’m not taking those clothes to Heaven, so what’s the point in being so obsessed with material things?

Note: I know that I’m not truly living all of these things out. I’m learning and I’m trying to process what it means to NOT be concerned with my image or my stuff. However, I don’t know if I’ll ever fully be unconcerned with my image. I think it will be an ongoing process. My ultimate goal is to grow closer to the Lord, though, and I’m hoping I can see how trying to be unconcerned with my outfits will help me with that goal.

So, here’s to 28 more days of wearing these 7 things!

7: Month 2 & Life Lately

So, I had this idea to do my “no social media” for my second month of 7. This was mainly because I was going to be doing my student teaching during this time, and I knew that I needed as few distractions as possible. I wasn’t completely successful at this. I made it a week without logging back onto facebook, so I had Kaila change my password and that nipped that distraction in the bud immediately. I didn’t get back on twitter until the month was over, but instagram was another story. I only lasted about 3.5 weeks off of insta. However, I did learn a lot, and I am going to TRY to not be as social media obsessed. It’s so easy to get caught up in what others are doing and how others make their lives appear on social media. But, just like others, I don’t post my crap on social media. I only post what I want to post. So, like I’ve read on countless blogs, there’s no point in comparing my bad days to their good days. Next month will be my clothes month…which will be interesting for sure! That requires its own post 🙂 Here’s life as of late…


 My parents are officially smart phone owners. (oh boy!)  And, yes, Mom and I have matching cases.


I’ve tried to soak up each of the Spring days we’ve had so far, however there haven’t been too many of them. It’s been rather cold this March. I’m ready for shorts weather!


It’s about to get crazy in Augusta. #mastersweek


 Sometimes, you’re a student teacher, and you get to wear things like this. I enjoyed my time with fourth grade this semester, but I am SO thankful that it is over. Only one week until Spring Break!!


I babysat for my parents’ friends a few weeks ago, and their nine-year-old did all of these things to my hair. Talk about talented. I’m thinking about hiring her out for special events.

Other than student teaching and working and babysitting, the last five weeks haven’t been too exciting. Here’s to a fabulous month of April!

Pax, ATL, 7, & More

What a horrible title but I couldn’t think of anything more creative, so that’s that.

If you’ve seen any type of news coverage or are friends with anyone who lives in Augusta, than you know that we got hit really bad last week by Pax. While Atlanta and Charlotte got snow, we got ice. Ice, ice, and more ice. My parents and I were without power for almost five days, and it was no fun. Okay, it was sort of fun the first night…reading by oil lamps (because only my parents would have those) and having flashlight wars, but after that it was no fun. I am incredibly thankful for a gas fireplace and a gas hot water heater. We survived, and while there are rumors of another ice storm in the next 10 days or so, I’m going to enjoy the spring like temps we have right now.

Kaila and I had been planning to go to Atlanta this past weekend since, well, since the last time we went to Atlanta. It’s fun to get out of Augusta, and it’s fun to see old friends. We said goodbye to crazy looking Augusta and hit the road headed west. It was a very low key weekend, but it was really nice. Our big adventure was going shooting, and it was so fun, even if I wasn’t very accurate 🙂
Rend Collective let out a music video to their song “My Lighthouse” yesterday. I love it so much already, and I can’t wait to get their new album in March!
Also, I was planning on starting my next month of 7 yesterday, and I was going to do only 7 foods. But with where I am spiritually and emotionally, I decided to do my social media month starting next week. I’m going to be doing my 5 weeks of student teaching, and I think it will be the best move for me so that I can be fully committed to teaching and not distracted.
Happy Tuesday!