Before 30

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of a bucket list, and I think the main reason that I do is because I like checking things off lists. It’s probably one of the quirkier things about myself, but I still do like to do so. Anyway, here are some of the goals I have of checking off before I turn thirty (note: this list is still being tweaked).

  • Go to Europe. I’m going in 2018!
  • Write a book.
  • Publish said book.
  • Go on a foreign missions trip.
  • Visit my friends in Australia.
  • Run a 5k. Completely.
  • Spend one month where I don’t eat out at all.
  • Begin volunteering in Charlotte in some capacity. I started volunteering at the hospital in 2017. 
  • Take advantage of Charlotte’s foodie side. Yes. This has definitely been done. And will continue! 
  • Make a decision about grad school.
  • Become a better friend.
  • Memorize a book of the Bible.