5 Things I’m Enjoying

This summer, I discovered a podcast called Only The Good Stuff. Writer/blogger Stephen Altrogge discusses the 5 things that his guests are currently enjoying in his/her life. I often ask myself, while driving to/from Charlotte, what my five things would be if I were on the podcast. Stephen Altrogge isn’t going to have me on his podcast anytime soon, but here they are:

  1. Unsweetened Black TeaI started drinking this when I did my Whole 30 experiment earlier this summer, and now I’m pretty hooked. I usually get the Pure Leaf kind, but I also really like the unsweetened iced version from Starbucks. I’ve never been a fan of black coffee, but I do like this. Who knows? Maybe I’ll rid myself of my coffee addiction altogether. For the record, I know that this still has caffeine, but without the sugar, this is a better option than coffee for me.
  2. Fresh Flowers: The family I nanny for is in the process of moving, and because of that, Anna is cutting her flowers in her garden often. She let me take some home last week, and I have all the heart eyes for them every time I see them. It really makes me want to have a garden!
  3. My Kitchen: Because of my Whole 30 experiment (basically I tried it and failed), I have been spending a LOT of time in my kitchen. I have really enjoyed cooking, washing my dishes, and meal prepping. I’m sure I won’t enjoy my kitchen as much in the school year, but I really do like it now.
  4. Hymns: Norton Hall Band has two great albums out with hymns that have always been some of my favorites but have recently been on repeat a lot. My favorite is “Be Thou My Vision”. I really like the simplicity and the power of these songs. 
  5. T-Shirts: I know this is sort of dumb, but after having worn a LOT of t-shirts in college/during the summer, dressing up for work eventually gets old. I really am glad that I’m able to dress “down” in the summer. There’s just something about a good t-shirt (like a good pair of jeans) that I really like. 

Alrighty, these are my 5 things. Sort of unimportant, but still fun. 🙂 


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