NYE in NYC (#pamcaketakesnyc)

A group of seven of us, all mutual friends of Patrick and Kaila, hit the Big Apple during Christmas break. We were there for NYE, and while we didn’t do Times Square (because, really), it was such a fun trip!

We stayed in Jersey City, and the only issue I had staying there was that we didn’t leave from Newark. It would’ve made everything so much easier. When you go to NYC, you’re literally in your room to sleep and shower. It’s not like this is the place you’re spending all of your time, because…well, you’re in NEW YORK CITY. All that to say, I’d advise to go the cheaper, still safe, route. But, if money isn’t an issue, then by all means stay in the city. When we stayed with my cousin in the summer, she lives in Manhattan, and that really was nice/convenient.


We flew into Hartford, CT, because one of our friends lives there, and we stayed there the first night. It was super fun to see where Cole lives, as well as be on the look out for Richard and Emily (#GilmoreGirlsForevaaaaa). We didn’t get a ton of time there, but we did manage to go to a real L.L. Bean store AND explore Yale. Super fun.


After exploring Yale/New Haven, we hopped on the train for a pretty scenic route to NYC. We got off at Grand Central Station, and I just need to tell a little story right now. When Kaila and I went to NYC this summer, we were exploring near Grand Central and knew we could take the subway from Grand Central to the World Trade Center. We were super excited to see the iconic Grand Central, and we came in on a side entrance. We never saw what is in all the movies and pictures. We were so confused. My cousin, Lydia, who we stayed with, promised us that we came in on the wrong side, so we were super excited when Cole told us we could take the train to Grand Central (and actually see the right thing). And we did!


After meeting up with K + P’s friend, Max, we headed to Jersey City and checked into our place. We grabbed a quick/late lunch then went to check out the city. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we hung out in Jersey for a little while, then we got to the Big Apple. That night, we saw the tree at Rockefeller, Trump Tower, Tiffany’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and ended in Times Square. We had dinner at Junior’s, and while I’m glad we went there, it wasn’t my favorite. But, the cheesecake was delicious!


Our friend Addison got to Jersey City while we were at Junior’s, so we were able to start the next day fully as #PAMCAKE (all of our first initials, for those who were wondering). The guys headed to the city the next morning to get tickets for Broadway, then we met them in Central Park. We actually spent less time there then I planned, but it was just the right amount of time for the perfect photo op! 


After lunch, we went to Broadway where we saw one of the last shows of Fiddler on the Roof. It was probably not my first choice for a show, but it was really fun, and I’m glad we got the opportunity to go. From there, we headed to the MET, and let me just say it was everything and then some. Also, it snowed as we drove there, and I don’t think I could’ve asked for a more perfect experience. We went to Lombardi’s, in Little Italy, that night for dinner, and that is definitely a place I’d recommend!


 On NYE, we spent most of the morning doing the Statue of Liberty/Liberty Island. We took the ferry in Jersey, saw Lady Liberty, then hopped back on the boat to head to Manhattan. Our original plan was to go up in it, but we didn’t get tickets in time. No worries. It was incredibly cold and windy, so it was kind of nice to zip over there and zip back to the city. 

 After seeing Ground Zero, we split up for a bit. The guys + Elizabeth headed to the Museum of Natural History while Kaila and I went to Macy’s and on a bit of a dessert adventure. For the record, they all said the Museum of Natural History was super great. Kaila and I had fun, too, and we managed to find the place we ended up eating dinner at on NYE. Which, also, let me just insert right here–everything worked out fine for us on NYE, but if you go to NYC on NYE and don’t do Times Square, be prepared to spend some money. Or eat in a place not near that area. Which is what we did. We managed to find a place to eat in Stone Street, the cutest literal stone street, near Wall Street. Beckett’s was a great choice, and I’d go there again in a heartbeat. Probably the best meal I had the whole time we were there. After that, we ended up near Times Square, but not in it, to watch the ball drop. It was really fun to be IN the city at that time! 

We all had flights and had to check out the next morning, so we only had time to grab brunch before we had to separate. We ended up at this cute pancake (ha) house near our AirBnB, and it was also maybe the best meal I had on the trip. Nutella + strawberry pancakes and bacon and coffee? A perfect start to my next year of life. 

All in all, it was a great trip. I’d wished I’d been able to have another week to recover before heading back to work, but it was so worth it. Pretty positive I want to take a NYE trip every year. 


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