2016bestnine: places I visited edition

2016 was a year of lots of travel for me! I will even end the year by traveling. I’m constantly desiring to go to new places, and this year was definitely a year full of NEW places mixed in with some of my all time favorites.

  1. Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: I went to Georgetown two times this year, and I definitely fell in love with it! I wish I’d made more time to explore there when Kaila and I went on our trip. It is really such a fun and cute place. If going, I’d recommend to eat at Pinstripes or The Tombs.


    Downtown Georgetown

  2. Charleston, S.C.: If you’d told me ten years ago that I’d become a fan of Charleston, I wouldn’t have believed you. But, I have. I’ve managed to go there three times in the last two years, and I’m itching to go back. It’s the perfect amount of beach and history for me, as well as plenty of shopping and local places to eat at. A few favorites are Kaminsky’sFive Loaves, and Hyman’s.

    Rainbow Row, Charleston


  3. Washington, D.C.: Besides exploring Georgetown, I have done the same things in D.C. the last two times I’ve been there that I did the first time I went in middle school. I could probably go and do the same thing each time and not get bored. I just really enjoy our nation’s capitol! Favorite restaurants include: Founding Farmers and Ted’s Bulletin.

    The White House, Washington, D.C.


  4. Manchester, Vermont: Oh, man, I have definitely found my new happy place, and I literally cannot wait to go back someday. Beautiful scenery, excellent shopping, and a quaint town? I could not ask for more. Great restaurants include: Mulligan’s and Ye Olde Tavern. I also think, if looking for accommodations, The Equinox, should be where you stay. No pressure.

    The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa


  5. Philadelphia, PA: I think I spent all of 3 hours in Philly. That’s maybe being generous, too. I would change a few things about our trip if I could, and one would be spending more time in Philly. We did manage to find this area, Elfreth’s Alley, that was just adorable. I’d definitely recommend going there.

    Elfreth’s Alley, Philadelphia, PA


  6. Bennington Potters, Bennington, VT: My friend Kelly told me about this place, and since it was only about twenty minutes away from where we were staying, Kaila and I decided to check it out. I may or may not have developed a new love of pottery in the hour we spent there. So great. If you’re ever in South Vermont, you should go there.

    Bennington Potters, Bennington, VT


  7. Greenville, SC: Greenville has recently been voted as one of the best places to visit or something like that, and I couldn’t agree more. However, my reasoning might be quite different: one of my best friends lives there, as do many more of my dear friends. Soooo, I’m a fan. But, there is a great downtown scene, so even if you don’t have loved ones there, you should visit. Some favorite places include: Coffee UndergroundSoby’s on the SideSouthern Pressed JuicerySpill the Beans, and Tandem (in Traveler’s Rest).

    The view from Kasey & Aaron’s old house, in Traveler’s Rest, SC (close to Greenville).


  8. Davidson, NC: Davidson is the cutest little town just north of Charlotte. I love that little town. Almost every time someone comes to visit, I take them there. I think it is adorable. I haven’t yet eaten at Kindred, but I want to. I have, however, found lots of cute stores to shop in!

    Downtown Davidson


  9. Hilton Head Island, SC: HHI is our family’s favorite vacation spot. We go there every year, and I love that little island. Mom and I went for a couple of days after Kaila’s wedding, and it really is a relaxing place. Favorite restaurants include: Fiesta FreshNew York City Pizza, and The Smokehouse.


    South Forest Beach, Hilton Head Island, SC


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