2016bestnine: music edition

By no means will this be a post about music that is the most popular music of this day. I am not usually one who listens to what is super popular. I like what I like. Also, not to sound super preachy, but for me, I’ve really noticed that when I listen to “unclean” music, my thoughts are super unwholesome. But, if I fill my mind with “clean” or Christian music, my thoughts and therefore my actions, are much better. So, all that to say, here my best nine albums of 2016 (not all were let out/recorded in 2016 just discovered by me in 2016).

  1. 30: Three Decades of Songs for the Church by Sovereign Grace Music. We sing LOTS of Sovereign Grace at church. This album has all of my favorites on it, and I really enjoy this album. It’s become my go-to album for worship music this year. My favorite song is “The Glories of Calvary”.
  2. Gun Shy by Matt Wertz. I sort of rediscovered Matt Wertz this year (his album 23 Places will always be one of my favorites). This album is so very different from his others. Kasey was in the car with me when I had this playing and she kept saying, “Matt Wertz? Really?”. Really. It’s catchy, upbeat, and perfect for playing on a long car ride. Hard to pick a favorite, but my two are “Committed” and “YKWYK”.
  3. After All These Years: A Collection by Andrew Peterson. I told my friend Kelly recently that I want Andrew Peterson to just write the soundtrack of my life. The way he writes songs that are good songs but have actual content and depth to them is just mind-boggling to me. I’ve had this one going non-stop ever since I got it. Favorites are: “After All These Years”, “Dancing In The Minefields”, and “Romans 11 (Doxology)”.
  4. Hymns for Her by Dave Barnes. In my rediscovery of Matt Wertz, I remembered Dave Barnes. I’ve listened to him a time or two, but I really started listening to him this summer (thank you, Spotify Premium). Someone described this album as really mature, and I agree. “Mississippi” is my favorite on this album.
  5. Austin Stone Worship Band. We sing LOTS of Austin Stone at church as well. I like many of their songs, but haven’t invested in one single album yet. My two favorite songs are “Jesus Is Better” and “You Never Change”.
  6. All Sons & Daughters. This band is one of my favorites, and in doing this research, I found out that their newest album, Poets & Saints, has been nominated for a Grammy. Super cool. Anyway, my favorite song (of this year, probably) is on this most recent album, “You Hold It All Together”.
  7. Good Light by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors. My friend Michelle and I had the privilege to work the merch table for the Drew Holcomb concert in March. I already had his album, Medicine, so when we got to pick out an album as a thank you gift, I picked out this one. So good. Favorites on this one are, “Good Light” and “Tennessee”.
  8. The Burning Edge of Dawn by Andrew Peterson. Like I said, he’s writing the soundtrack of my life, whether he knows it or not. Another fantastic one. It got 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. How often does that happen? “Be Kind to Yourself” is by far my favorite, but “The Rain Keeps Falling” comes in as a close second.
  9. “Hallelujah for the Cross” by Newsboys. Okay, really. I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to Newsboys (maybe when they were on the cruise we went on when I was in college?). Not even sure. When my pastor’s wife, Carrie, told me we were singing a song by them, I might’ve rolled my eyes. BUT, this is so good. We sang it one Sunday night, and I went home and bought it that night off iTunes.

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