2016bestnine: fun faves edition

This is just going to be a conglomeration of random fun things I found this year that became some of my new favorites!

  1. Strawberry Gatorade has become my new favorite drink. I randomly got this when on a road trip and I stopped at a gas station. Since then, I find myself searching for it whenever I go to grocery stores that have it. SO good!
  2. Women’s Birkenstocks–okay, I know I know. BUT, these are cute. And trendy! So fun. I really like these. Even if they may not be as cute as other sandals. But, I think they are. And they’re comfortable.
  3. Selfie Stick–my poor friends. They’re probably so sick of this thing. I bring it out all the time. But it’s so fun! Who doesn’t love a good selfie? I do!
  4. This pencil sharpener has changed my pencil sharpening at work. Totally nerdy, I know, but if you need a pencil sharpener that gets the job done, this is the one you should buy.
  5. Old Navy Knit Swing Dress–this dress has changed the game for dressing for work. Almost every Monday, when I just want to crawl back in bed, I throw one of these on (I will not admit how many of these I have) with some leggings and it makes going to work after the weekend much better. So comfortable!
  6. My Otterbox for my phone. This case is different. It has a very convenient little compartment on the back that slides open so you can put your license and a credit card or two in it. So useful when going to the gym or just running to the store. And it comes in pink!
  7. Organic Fruit Ropes by Clif Bars. These are basically organic Fruit Rollups. They are so good. I could eat one every single day if I had them. I want one now just writing about them.
  8. Lipless–the game. My mom had me order this back in October for our Christmas Eve game night. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to play it on Christmas Eve, but we did play it on Thanksgiving. It is SO much fun to play. Prepare yourself to cry from laughing so much!
  9. Bean Boots–I got my first pair of Bean Boots this fall, and I like them so much! They are comfortable, warm, and worth the cost. Plus, L.L. Bean has incredible customer service! I am always one to pay more for good customer service!

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