VT {#SurpriseBestFriendTrip Days 4-6}

I cannot say enough good things about Vermont. It is beautiful. It is breathtaking. It smells of summer. It was by far my favorite stop on our trip. 

Lots of people have asked me, “Why Vermont?” DC and NYC seem like logical places to go, but Vermont? Friend, let me tell you, you HAVE TO GO TO Vermont. We went because I found a Groupon to The Equinox. It was random, out of the hustle and bustle, and the perfect place to relax. 

I knew we would like our hotel, but I didn’t expect to enjoy the city of Manchester so much. After checking in on Wednesday afternoon/evening, we headed out to dinner at Ye Olde Tavern, pictured above. Great food and a quaint environment—we had to put our phones away while there, which was oddly refreshing. 

Most everything closes at 6 in Manchester, except for restaurants and the grocery store. We were a little taken aback by that at first, but when we realized we could sit on the back porch by the fire and look at this view, we weren’t complaining anymore. It was so nice to relax after two really intense and busy days in NYC/DC. 

 We went to breakfast on Thursday morning at Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts.  It was a local place, and while the donuts weren’t the best I’ve ever had, the atmosphere was worth it. We spent the morning at the spa, ate lunch at the hotel, and then headed to the outlets/shops in town. Above is the JCrew Factory Outlet in Manchester. How could I NOT like a town with this as their JCrew?!? 

Dinner on Thursday night was at Mulligan’s, a local pub. It was good, just what we wanted, and a nice way to end our time in Manchester. We spent some of that evening just driving around the area, and I am happy to say that everywhere there is just beautiful. 

 On our way out of Vermont on Friday morning, we stopped about twenty miles south of Manchester in Bennington. My friend Kelly had told us about Bennington Potters (pictured above), so we wanted to go. It was adorable! I definitely can’t wait to go back!!


  • Find the trails. The AT runs through Manchester, so you’ll see (or smell) hikers. I’m not about the hiking all that much (hello, broken ankle), but there were apparently some shorter trails behind our hotel that I think would’ve been fun to go on. 
  • Go to Hildene. Robert Todd Lincoln’s (yes, Abraham Lincoln’s son) summer home is located in Manchester. We tried to drive by it, but we got there at 5:30, and of course, it had closed at 4:30. 
  • Everything closes early. Really. The shops are all closed by 6, by 5 on Sundays. It’s very quaint, but don’t expect to go shopping or to get ice cream after dinner. 

Vermont, you were a dream. I cannot wait to explore you some more! 


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