One Week!

I have so many issues with the fact that school doesn’t get out until AFTER Memorial Day in North Carolina (what’s up with that?!?!), but I am SO excited because this time next week will be my last day and it will be SUMMER TIME! Even though it’s not officially summer yet for me, it feels like summer outside, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of that. May was a super busy month, but it was definitely a good one! Here’s a little recap…


Mom came up for Mother’s Day Weekend, and it really was the best. We spent most of Saturday shopping (sorry not sorry, Dad), and we ate lots of good food. It was quick but lots of fun!


One Saturday night, we all said we didn’t want to just be at home so that ended up with us getting ice cream at a local place and walking around Uptown, laughing lots of course.


This past weekend we went to celebrate the BRIDE in Charleston. It poured. Like the rain would NOT stop. But, we had a blast anyway, and as always, time with this one is just wonderful!


If you’re looking for a girl to make you laugh (or do your hair and makeup), Elizabeth (a.k.a. Elizadoes) is the girl for you!

May, you were great! I read a lot of awesome books during your month, I visited D.C. and Charleston, and I laughed a lot. Which is always a plus. June, you’ve got a lot of expectations (hello, #SurpriseBestFriendTrip) and I can’t wait for you to fully kick into gear once school is over!

In case you are looking for a good summer read, here are a few of my favorites I read during May:




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