Go while you can! 

My friend Aubrey said it the other day, but I have to say it’s the truth. The most common piece of advice I give to anyone entering this stage of life (read: post college yet not married) is this: go while you can! Explore. Travel. Do something new. This is the time and the season for it. Your responsibilities are few, your money is yours to spend, and your time is yours to give away. So, go for it!

We lived up to our advice this weekend, and we did just that. We headed to DC for a whirlwind trip where we helped facilitate a surprise, walked 10-and-a-half miles in one day, and froze our North Carolina (er, Georgia) bottoms off since apparently the first day of May in DC means 55 degrees and rain. But, nonetheless, we had a great time, and even though I pressed snooze about six times Monday morning, it was worth it.



Maybe one day the Capitol won’t be under construction…#government


Georgetown…or England?!?!?


And then one day God answered the prayers you’ve been praying for a while by giving you great friends like these…where will we go next?!?!




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