Recent Reads

Spring Break is in a WEEK! ONE WEEK. I am more excited for this than I was for any spring break during high school or college. I’m not doing anything crazy–just a quick trip to Augusta to celebrate my dad’s birthday and hopefully some time in Greenville to visit Kasey, Aaron, and Abby. In order to prepare myself for a week of SWEET FREEDOM, I’ve been reading some. (Okay, let’s be real, I read all the time, but I just wanted an excuse to write about Spring Break and write about books.) Here are some books I’ve recently read that I would recommend to anyone.

  • This is Awkward by Sammy Rhodes. I’m actually only three chapters into this book, but I would definitely recommend it. The tagline is: How Life’s Uncomfortable Moments Open the Door to Intimacy and Connection. Rhodes has shown that in his own life in the stories he’s told, and not to mention, he’s pretty darn funny. Check it out on Amazon.
  • Royal Wedding Series by Rachel Hauck. Hauck is one of my favorite fiction writers ever since reading the Songbird Series she coauthored with Sara Evans last year. She does a good job of making classic romantic stories funny, witty, and a little unexpected.
  • Hard Fighting Soldier by Chette Williams. Chette Williams is the chaplain of the Auburn University football team, and as you should know, I am a fan of all things Auburn. (War Eagle til I die). This is his story of his time as a football player at Auburn in the 80s, how he came to know the Lord, and how the Lord has used and is continuing to use him at the loveliest village on the plains.

And in other news (that has nothing to do with reading whatsoever), my cousin Morgane recently let out a single on an album called Southern Family. Morgane is Chris Stapleton’s wife, and you’ve probably seen her on stage when she and Chris performed (never thought the cousin who used to take me to get Wendy’s Frostys would one day be on stage with Justin Timberlake). You can buy her song here, and I’ve put a video of it below, as well.

Happy Friday!



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