How is it already March? I stayed at work two Mondays ago a little later than normal, and I spent some time getting ready for the next day. When I changed our calendar out to March from February, I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t August like…yesterday? 

Anyway, fifteen–er, practically sixteen–days into the month, and it’s flowing by, too! Which is a good thing in my mind, considering the fact that spring break is the last week of March. I can hardly wait for six work days where I don’t have to get up before nine. Or ten. Or maybe even eleven.

What can I say? I like my sleep. A. Lot.

Kaila came into town the first weekend of March, and while we didn’t do anything huge, we had a lot of fun. Of course–shopping was involved. What would a girls’ weekend be without a trip to South Park Mall or the local outlets? Oh, and of course, we went on some random adventure–a Craigslist one that involved me getting a new desk and meeting some of my neighbors. Always a blast 🙂


We tried to take a cute picture with the city in the background. This is as good as it got 🙂


I drive past this view everyday on my way to work, and I thought it would be a good background for a picture. And it would. If we had longer arms or weren’t trying to take a selfie.

In random/fun news, I made a very large purchase last week, and it felt kind of incredible that I could. I guess this is my way of saying to my dad that I understand that saving money is really a good thing, and  all of those years of lectures about Dave Ramsey and his methods finally paid off. Also, thanks for letting me use your work discount.


Goodbye 2010 MacBook, Hello 2016 MacBook Pro! 

I made a trip back to Augusta about six weeks or so ago because we did lose our beloved Mme. The funeral home was packed to the brim with people from all stages of Mme’s life. it was a short funeral, but full of sweet stories about Mme. I also got to spend part of the evening catching up with some of my friends from high school, which is always a plus when it isn’t the night of our annual Christmas party.

Screen shot 2016-01-17 at 2.54.34 PM

I really like this picture I found of Mme, my friend Samuel, and myself. We were in French III during our senior year, and she took us to a cooking event for our foreign language society. I just like it so much because it reminds me of the teacher Mme was–willing to go out of her way to make an incredible learning experience for her students. 

And, just because I. Can’t. Get. Over. It.


These boys turn FIVE and SEVEN in the next couple of weeks. FIVE and SEVEN. It just can’t be! Excuse me while I go cry for the next few days about how OLD they are…and about how grateful I am that God gave me them (and their mama and daddy).

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your month of March! Maybe I’ll write another time this month…don’t get your hopes up too much 🙂




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