if we were on a coffee date…


My best friend (in real life, not just the blog world) has been doing this fun link up called “If We Were On A Coffee Date” for the past month or so on her blog. I always tell myself to get serious about writing a post one day and link up with hers, but LIFE.

Let me just admit it once and for all: I wish I could blog more than I do, but my life is crazy busy, and I can’t, and that’s okay.

Moving on.

If we were on a coffee date…

I hope we would be at the Caribou Coffee right by my house. Fun fact? I’m going there this afternoon to meet a friend. When she suggested different places, I immediately said, “Caribou!”. It looks like a normal coffee shop from the outside–just tucked in a strip mall in between a doctor’s office and a wine shop. But, you step in and all of a sudden, it’s like you’re at a ski lodge. It has the coziest feel, with a fireplace, oversized chairs, and perfect lighting. It’s my favorite.

I might tell you how I’m considering signing up for Shipt. It’s a service where you order your groceries and they are delivered to your house. I’ve seen the shoppers at Publix, and I’ve thought, “Huh. That might be cool.” They offer a two-week free trial, so why not?

I would definitely tell you about my newest favorite book. Two of my favorite authors and bloggers, Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson, both highly recommended this book, I Was Blind {Dating}, But Now I See, so I knew I had to snatch it up. It’s about a woman who goes on a series of eight blind dates, none of which lead to her husband. However, she learns so much about the Lord and her relationship with Him, and those lessons are what she shares. It was perfect for this season of my life, and I also highly recommend it to anyone–single or not.

I would also tell you about what I’ve been playing in the car, in the shower, at night, etc: Sovereign Grace Music’s 30: Three Decades of Songs for the Church. We sing a lot of Sovereign Grace Music’s songs at church, but I couldn’t find the one album I wanted until recently. This has most of my favorites on it, along with some new ones I hadn’t heard before. Definitely worth the $9.99 on iTunes.

Finally, I would rave about my local Gap. It’s no lie that I am a Gap girl through and through (and an Old Navy one when the budget doesn’t allow for Gap). I have started to shop a little more often now that I have a consistent paycheck (not that I should, but…), and I’ve started to get to know the employees of my Gap. They are awesome. I’m a person who will pay more for customer service any day of the week (the main reason I drive thirty minutes to shop at Publix when there’s a Harris Teeter less than five minutes up the road). The employees of my Gap make shopping there so much more fun!

Alrighty, there’s my first virtual coffee date. This was fun, Chels! 🙂



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