Best of 2015

Best Recipe: Kasey’s Banana Bread | My word! Kasey made blueberry bread for us when we went to Charleston in May, and I liked it so much! I asked her for the recipe, and instead of blueberries, I used bananas. So. Good. I make this often, and I eat it for breakfast for about a week. It’s a great recipe that I can experiment with to be exactly what I want. Easy and delicious! 

Best Book: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty | Like I wrote in a previous post, I read over 200 books this year, so picking a best book was a little challenging. However, after much consideration, this one won out. It was short–I read it in one weekend in the car while apartment hunting in Charlotte–but it was packed full of truth. I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels kind of “stuck” in their relationship with the Lord or who just needs a reminder that He is there with you during the bitter and hard things just like He is there with you during the sweet and joyful things.  

Best Song: Brokenness Aside by All Sons and Daughters | I first heard this song when I went to camp to volunteer for a week this summer, and I ordered the album it was on probably two minutes after I did. This song was as if it were written for me. Phenomenal. 

Best Moment: Graduation | Maybe a bit shallow, but I could not wait for graduation to come! I am so thankful to be done with school as a student (for now), and it was such a great feeling to be able to walk across the stage in May. 

Best Hard But Good: Moving to Charlotte | Talk about a crazy decision. It has been so hard at times–first year teaching, living in a new city, paying bills, etc. But, there have been super sweet times, and as I’ve told friends a lot, it has become more and more clear that I had to move to Charlotte in order to learn some of the lessons the Lord is teaching me. I’m really excited about what happens there in 2016! 

Best TV Show: Fixer Uppper | You know you’re getting old when you start to watch HGTV on a pretty consistent basis…as in, that’s one of three channels I DVR things from. However, I’d say most people would agree that Chip and Joanna brighten up their Tuesdays nights, and it’s a fabulous show to watch. Maybe I’ll move to Waco…

Best Trip/Adventure: Charleston in May | A group of eight of us rented a house in Charleston for our friend Anna’s wedding, and we had a blast! Anna’s wedding was the reason we went there, but it was so fun to walk around downtown, go to the beach, eat at fun brunch spots, and hang out with some of my camp favorites. Stellar weekend. 

Best Newly Discovered Artist: Judah & the Lion | I’d heard about them through Kasey, I think, but they opened for Ben Rector in October and lemme just say, they were awesome. Such a fun opening act! Singing “Twenty Somethings” with a bunch of twenty somethings was probably one of my favorite moments of that night. 

Best Verse: Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved…Colossians 3:12 | The church I’m going to in Charlotte just finished a study on the book of Colossians, and when I started going there, they were in the third chapter. This verse, verse 12, really stuck out to me. I’ve heard it/read it plenty of times, but it really struck a different cord with me this time. I’ve been trying to remind myself this past year, and will continue to do so in 2016, that I’m one of God’s CHOSEN people. What a privilege! 


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