The Night Before…

…not Christmas, but I do feel a little giddy and anxious. Tonight is the night before my first day of teaching! Ahhhh! While I have so many thoughts on the matter, I can’t really put them all into words yet. I’d appreciate lots of prayers as I start teaching and as I continue to transition into my new life in Charlotte.

Speaking of, I’ve been fairly busy these last couple of weeks which has been quite the change from my first few weeks here (where I watched HGTV all day almost every day). Preplanning started a week-and-a-half ago, and I have really enjoyed working in my classroom and getting to know my colleagues.

A few days before preplanning began, I headed to Asheville for a going away party for my friends Kasey, Aaron, Abby, and Nick. They are all transitioning out of working at camp and living in Asheville, and I was more than willing to drive only TWO hours (so grateful that drive is almost half of what it used to be!) to celebrate them. It was a welcome surprise when I walked in and got to see this sweet thing!


All six of the people below were a joy to work for and with during my two summers at camp. Whether as a coworker or a boss, these six exude faithfulness, loyalty, strong leadership, and most importantly, God’s love. I’m so thankful they each play/played a part (some larger than others) in my life!


I came home for a very quick trip last weekend so that I could celebrate my sweet Hannah and her soon-to-be born baby girl. I still can’t believe that Hannah and Jonathan are about to be PARENTS, but I’m so thrilled for them. I know that they are going to be fabulous parents, and I can’t wait to hold their little bundle of joy soon!


And, just a little HBD shout out to one of my dearest and best friends! I so miss doing day-to-day life with Kaila, but I am grateful to be just a phone call/visit away!


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