Didn’t I just graduate yesterday?

MY WORD, this summer has flown by, and I’m not so sure how I feel about it. Also, I’m not so sure why I haven’t posted on my blog in over a month when I’ve had plenty of opportunity to do so. But, alas, I haven’t, and here’s a bullet-point catch up of the last few weeks.

  • June was full of packing and last minute trips to make memories with friends. Five days before I drove away from Augusta, I drove down to Hilton Head to spend a couple of days with Casie and the boys. I had a blast watching them LOVE every second of the pool and the beach, and I managed to read and catch up with Casie, too, which was fun for me.


    That thing in the net in the top right corner? A dead jellyfish that Jack proudly brought to me. Beachin’ it with boys is a lot different than beachin’ it with girls 😉

  • The week before I moved, I went to camp for nine days. I was there to run the trading post for the weekend then I stayed on and volunteered for the week. It was fun to be there, hang out with some of my favorite people, and see how camp is going this year. No trip to camp is complete without Cookout runs, driving the rental vans, and tears shed, all of which happened this trip.
    unnamed (1)

    Some of my favorite views at camp! I even managed to convince Aaron to let me drive up to the Overlook one night, so I got to see that view as well!

    unnamed (2)

    LOVED getting to spend time with some of my former ACITs as well as counselors whom I love.

  • Since being in Charlotte, I’ve done a lot of…reading and watching TV, if I’m being totally honest. My parents moved me in, and they came up for the Fourth. Kaila came up this past weekend, and we spent most of the weekend shopping and eating because that’s what you do when you’re best friends, right? I am still learning my way around the city and trying to figure it out while enjoying the last few weeks before school starts back up.
    I went to this cool yoga thing with some new friends, and this tree was my view for the night. How pretty, right?!

    I went to this cool yoga thing with some new friends, and this tree was my view for the night. How pretty, right?!

    Hope you and yours are enjoying your summer!


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