A Great Thing

One of my favorite TV shows of all time is ER. I have watched every single episode (at least twice), and still to this day, I can pop in any DVD from any season and enjoy it. I don’t know why it’s one of my favorites–it was kind of before my time. But, I can remember being in high school when the series finale came on and watching it in the office at work. In the finale, Dr. John Carter (a doctor who started as a med student in the very first episode) is launching the opening of a health clinic that will benefit the people of Chicago. Dr. Weaver, a doctor who was his boss over the years, looks at him and says, “You’ve done a great thing here, John. Truly great.”

That moment has always stuck with me. I’m not sure if it’s because of how you see John Carter mature and grow into a great doctor over the different seasons or if it’s just watching him receive the praise from someone who has impacted his career in a multitude of ways. Either way, I felt like I had one of those moments last weekend at camp.

I, shockingly, headed up to Asheville for the weekend. This time, it wasn’t for a camp related event, but for a wedding at camp. So, I guess it was camp related. Anyway, after Emily’s wedding, I asked Aaron and Kasey if I could see the new crafts cabin that’s being built for this summer. They both agreed, and a few of us hopped in the van to go off to see it.

Let me remind you that we were at a wedding, and I was wearing heels that may or may not be half a size too big for me. Kasey told me more than once that she was impressed with me being willing to go see the crafts cabin in heels. I like to think of it as the fact that not even camp is too rough of a place for me to be girly, but I digress.

We pulled up to the Day Camp pavilion, and the new crafts cabin is behind it, so we couldn’t see it at first. We had to walk through the pavilion, walk across a 2 x 4 (in said heels), and go through a dirt/rock mixture to get there. It was an event in and of itself.

But, as I stood there and listened to Aaron tell us about where cubbies would be built and a sink would go here and there would be large doors like in the Day Camp pavilion here, I couldn’t help but think of the ER moment I described earlier. I kept looking at Kasey and Aaron, who were both smiling as Aaron filled us in, and I felt so much pride fill up in my heart. Because of the hard work and dedication of my friends, this great thing was happening at camp. For the first time (since the end of last summer), it wasn’t about me missing out on another summer at camp but about what God is still doing there and how He isn’t finished yet.

I don’t know that I would say that subconsciously I thought that God wouldn’t work at camp if I wasn’t there. I’m not that egotistical, and reality is, I KNEW that God was/is going to show off this summer at camp. He always does. But, it hit me, as I stood and took in the view from the back of the crafts cabin, that God isn’t finished yet–with camp OR me. My story does not involve me spending this summer at camp. It involves me moving to a new city to start a new job in the fall. Camp’s story doesn’t involve me this summer. It involves program changes, two new full-time staff members, new buildings, etc. But the cool thing? God isn’t finished with either of those stories. And I still sort of get to play a part in camp’s story this summer, which makes me realize how gracious God is to me.

So, whether you’re in a transitional summer like I am, like camp is, like so many of my friends are, or you’re in the same spot that you were in last summer, be reminded of this: God isn’t finished with you yet. Your story isn’t over until the day you meet your Maker, so find a way to serve Him until the end. Because God’s not finished with you yet, and there are so many more days for you to do “a great thing” for Him.


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