I’m a College Graduate

You know what’s kind of funny? For YEARS, you work for something–you go to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college to get that one piece of paper that will “prove” that you can do something with your life that’s not just being a student. You pull all-nighters (I managed to make it all the way until my super senior year before actually doing this because we all know that this girl LOVES her sleep), you work part-time while going to school, you have to say no sometimes because that paper for Psychology is more important, and you experience all the emotions in the world while working towards your degree.

Then, one day, one hot day in the beginning of May, graduation day arrives. FINALLY. You have reached the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. This is it! What you’ve been working for, in essence, since you started kindergarten when you were five years old. It’s finally here! Proudly, you don that incredibly unflattering cap and gown and you walk across a stage in front of thousands of people you’ve never met (and probably never will). You sit through the ceremony with the biggest smile on your face and not a single care in the world. This is it. You’re officially a college graduate.

And I’ll admit it–waking up the next day doesn’t feel all that different than waking up the day before graduation. I still think it hasn’t really hit me yet. I’m DONE. But, what has hit me is how blessed I am. It hit me Friday night after graduation when some of my dear friends and family came over to celebrate with me. God’s given me some of the absolute sweetest, and those five years of school were worth spending the evening with them after graduation.


These two are the real heroes. I could not have gotten through college without them. They have sacrificed for the past 18 years so that I could attend great schools–not just financially but with their time and love as well. So grateful they are my mom and dad.


I never would’ve thought taking an astronomy class would give me my best friend. But, oh I’m so thankful that God ordained our paths to cross!! I wouldn’t have wanted to walk through the education program without her by my side, and I can’t wait to see where God takes us next!


We didn’t go to the same college, and she managed to slip out in four years (which is becoming somewhat rare these days), but I couldn’t have made it through college without her friendship. To have a friend who has been there since middle school is such a blessing. She’s one-in-a-million, for sure.


All three of my mom’s siblings managed to make it to celebrate with me (and unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with all of her clan), but this is my dad’s cousin and her family. They’ve been in Augusta as long as we have, and our Christmas Eves would look a lot different if they weren’t here. I just love this picture, though, and I love these people!

Shout out to my awesome Uncle Ron for being photographer for the night. He took sweet pictures, and I’m so glad he, along with my many others from my mom’s side could make it this weekend. Blessed are we. 

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