Lilly + Target

For those of you who don’t know, Lilly Pulitzer and Target came together for the exclusive Lilly for Target collection that launched online and in stores today. It caused Target’s website to crash, and it left thousands of women who just wanted a preppy dress for less than $40 feeling absolutely frustrated. Currently, the online store is sold out, and if my Target is any indication of Targets nationwide, I would say that they are also sold out.

Y’all. I am almost embarrassed to admit the rest of this to you, but I just have to.

Kaila and I have been looking forward to this launch, so we made plans to head to Target before church today. Target opens at 8, and I thought that if we were there by 8 or 8:15 then we’d have plenty of time to look, try on dresses, and manage to have time to take a shower and get ready for church by 10:30. HAAAAAA.

The Target I shop at is only three miles from my house, so I set my alarm for 7:35, but I didn’t get out of the bed until 7:47, so I left home around 7:55, still thinking we’d be fine on time. About halfway there, Kaila called me asking where I was and telling me there was a line that wrapped around to the back of the building. At this point, I’d already seen things on Twitter about the site crashing, so I asked Kaila if I could just go back home because there is NO dress in this world that would cause me to stand in a line outside of a building while it rained. She said no and that she’d see me in a few minutes. I guess she was still hopeful at this point.

I walked into Target around 8:02, and she called me again telling me that everything was gone. I quickly found her, and I asked what she meant by everything. Oh, she meant EVERYTHING except for some beach chairs, but who needs a Lilly beach chair? Apparently every other woman at Target because they all seemed to be toting them around. It was kind of disappointing, but I just had to laugh. How in the world was this real life?

So, I went and grabbed the face cream and gift bag that I needed to buy at Target, and we were out of the store at 8:13 feeling slightly depressed, but I just kept laughing. I called my mom, and I told her about one of the more stupid things I’d done in the last two days, because let’s be real, I could’ve still been in bed at that point. Target’s not going to sell out of face cream or gift bags anytime soon.

Now, all of the Lilly for Target stuff is sold out online and they aren’t getting more in stock, unless you want to pay double to triple the price on eBay. I definitely don’t. Which is why I went to The Loft after church today and got a dress for 40% off. Should’ve just planned on that to begin with. I could’ve gotten two more hours of sleep today. Oh well!


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