March Madness

The whole month of March has been busy, but the past two weeks have been even more busy. I went out of town four times in the last two weeks, plus tried to juggle the rest of my incredibly busy life (read: student teaching all day long + babysitting and working whenever I can). But, as busy as the month of March has been, it’s been rewarding, full of memorable events, and some direction has been given on where I’ll be headed post graduation. (EEEEKKK!!!!)


Two weekends ago, I got a text from Kasey’s little sister telling me that Aaron was planning on proposing to Kasey the next day. He was also planning a surprise party at camp, and she wanted to know if I could make it. OF COURSE! I scooted on up to Asheville after church that Sunday, and I was there for just a couple of hours. But, I got to celebrate the engagement of one of my dearest friends, and that was so worth it! Congratulations, Kasey and Aaron!


This past weekend, we headed to Charleston to run (read: run a little bit, walk a little longer) the Cooper River Bridge Run. The original plan was to run the whole thing, but my dad did something to his Achilles Tendon earlier this year, so he couldn’t run while we trained and I just lost all motivation whatsoever to train (not to mention we had a COLD winter, so it was harder to run outside). BUT, after completing this whole thing, I have a little bit of an itch to be able to run the whole thing next year!

The rest of the month was full of celebrating my dad’s cousin’s retirement party, interviews, Bible study, finding out that one of my oldest friends is pregnant (YAY, Hannah and Jonathan!), and much more. April is going to be just as busy with a friend visiting during spring break, finishing up student teaching, apartment hunting, and preparing for graduation. I’ll leave you with my newest favorite verse:

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. – Hebrews 10:23


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