Feeling Free and Twenty-Three

Happy 2015, friends! I hope you celebrated the New Year with those you love and lots of good food. I brought in the New Year at Kaila’s boyfriend’s house with our mutual friends. It’s always fun for me to see my friend groups mesh together. We had a blast. Our night included playing poker (not actually betting anything), watching the Georgia Tech game (who saw that big win coming?!?), watching T. Swift perform (shout-out to Ryan Seacrest for giving her his jacket), taking lots of pictures (but that’s not my good side!), eating a ton of good food that isn’t really good for you (YOLO), and shooting off fireworks for well over an hour ($20 worth of fireworks went a loooooong way). It was low-key, but it was a ton of fun, and my sweet friends also made me brownies and sang Happy Birthday to me. Love them!

the best of the best

the best of the best


been laughing with these friends since 2005

they're also some of the best

they’re also some of the best

HELLO, 23!!!!

HELLO, 23!!!!

Birthday brownie hand delivered by the sweetest

Birthday brownie hand delivered by the sweetest

traditional birthday dinner at Carrabba's

traditional birthday dinner at Carrabba’s

she made this birthday super special, too!

she made this birthday super special, too!

After a late NYE, I slept until the last possible minute, and then Casie brought the boys over to get their Christmas presents from me, and they came out of the car singing Happy Birthday to me holding a brownie. They are the cutest and sweetest, and I love being their Ash Ash. Kaila and I went to lunch and the movies, I had dinner with my parents, and I chatted with and FaceTimed a few sweet friends to end the evening. It wasn’t crazy or insane, and I think that just comes with the territory of being 23 (that sounds so old). But, it was a good day, and I’m looking forward to a dinner celebration with girls from work and a trip to Asheville later this month to celebrate with Kasey, whose birthday is today!

Here’s to a great year that may be one year closer to the big 25 (eeekkkkk), which holds a lot of unknowns and what ifs, but is also a huge gift from the Lord. I’m choosing to embrace it with joy, pray for all of the unknowns, trust in His timing, and remain hopeful that the Lord who didn’t forget me in 2014 won’t forget me in 2015.


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