For my 22nd year of life, I tried to complete 22 different goals. I came close. There were only a couple that I did not finish completely/at all. I like the idea of goals, of having something to look forward to accomplishing. This upcoming year is going to be rather different, and I honestly only have a general idea of what my life is going to look like until May 8th (graduation day). So, I came up with a few goals that I want to work towards this year that should be able to be accomplished wherever I’m living doing whatever I’m doing.

  1. Finish the read through the whole Bible plan I came up with in December. I started reading the Bible literally from cover-to-cover at the beginning of December, and if I stick to plan, I should finish in July. This has been a really cool way for me to go through Scripture and re-read stories I haven’t in a while. Unfortunately, this did not happen. I have kind of decided to read the Bible in a different format, and I’ve been focusing on what my pastor is preaching as opposed to reading the Bible from cover-to-cover. Maybe in another season of life. 
  2. Run the Cooper River Bridge Run with my dad in March. I have very little self-discipline, but I have some motivation. My dad has both (have you seen the man?), but he hates to run. We decided to start running together in January, and this is what we’re working toward. EEEKKK. Uhhh, we finished it?!?! Neither of us trained as well as we should have, but we ran/walked it and finished in a decent time for people who aren’t runners. 
  3. Get a job. I’m making this goal incredibly vague so that it can more than likely be fulfilled. Praying my little heart out for a job in the specific city + school God has for me. Excited to see where that is! Done. Got it in March, and started working as a kindergarten teacher in August!
  4. Spend ZERO money on clothes. Besides a couple of “professional” items that my parents will maybe (read: definitely because I’ll be completely broke until after I graduate) buy, I plan not to buy any clothes next year. This is going to be hard, people. Psssh. Yeah. We all knew this would not actually happen. Although, I’d say I lasted until March or so until I bought things, but whatever. I did try. 
  5. Read 20 books. I read 40 books over the course of 2014, and I had much more free time than I will have in 2015. However, I love reading, and I want to have a goal that includes books for 2015. I think that this goal is realistic, and I hope to accomplish it! Yes. Yes. And yes again. I read over 200 books, so goal? Complete!

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