A-Z of 2014

My friend Abby posted this on the camp blog in November. I texted her to tell her how much I liked it, and she said I could steal the idea. 🙂 So, I thought about it, and I decided that it would be a perfect way to do my end of the year recap blog! I always love doing those blogs, and I also always enjoy having a different type of recap for each year. So, here’s my A-Z of 2014.

Asheville: Once the summer was over, I told my parents that I really felt like I got to know the city of Asheville better. While some of that just comes from being comfortable in this other city and being willing to explore more, it was true. I spent a lot of time in one of my favorite cities this year, from my trip to the Biltmore to wandering around on days off in the summer, and it was a ton of fun!

Bridesmaid: I got to be a bridesmaid for my friend Chelsea in August. While I missed most of the wedding activities while being at camp, I enjoyed spending the wedding weekend with my fellow bridesmaid, Mary Beth, and celebrating Chelsea and John’s marriage!

Camp Cedar Cliff: I mean, that was obvious. I started the year with a weekend at camp in January, followed by a day there in April, nine weeks over the summer, a day trip in September, a weekend retreat in November, and it was ended by getting to attend the scholarship dinner in December. Camp has seen me at some of my absolute worst and best moments of this year, and the relationships the Lord has graciously given me through camp have been some of this year’s biggest blessings.

Diablo’s: My family loves Mexican food, and while this place was first introduced to us last year, we managed to make it more of a regular place this year. Fabulous!

Expectations: People, this year was all about expectations not being met and unexpected moments being a big part of what God had in store for me. It was HARD, and at times, all I wanted was for the Lord to meet the expectations I’d set for myself. But what He expected for me was so much greater, and I’m looking forward to the “unexpected” moments of 2015.

Friends: Oh, I love how the Lord blessed and blessed and blessed me with some sweet friends this year. I gained some really sweet new friends, I grew closer to those who have been around for a little while, and I got to rejoice with those who have been there for as long as I can remember. My sweet friends MADE this year!

Guns: Kaila and I went shooting with her boyfriend and his friend in February when we went to ATL for the weekend. It was so fun! And slightly scary…

High Ropes Course: Y’all, sometimes, you have to do things that are just straight out of your comfort zone, and this was one of them for me. To get fully certified to run this thing was one of the HARDEST yet BEST moments of my summer.

Ingalls: A stretch, I know, but when Chelsea got married, we stayed in this adorable cabin, and Mary Beth and I slept in a loft. We pretended we were Mary and Laura Ingalls, and we had a blast doing so!

Jack and Joe: As always, these boys make each year more fun and exciting. This year, I got to celebrate their 3rd and 5th birthdays with them, pick them up from school (the same school I went to), and enjoy them as little boys, not toddlers or babies. Love these two more than words can say!

Kindred Spirits: Call me Anne of Green Gables and maybe a little wishful, but I believe that God gives you those friends in life who are more than just friends. There are a couple of women who God placed specifically in my life in this season who I believe are kindred spirits. I’m grateful for how they have helped shape me during this year.

Lip sync battle: I won a lip sync battle this summer at camp. Bet you never would’ve expected that, huh? Me neither, and it was slightly horrible, yet a thousand times hilarious.

Masters: For the first time, I got to go to the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club that gives my city its claim to fame each April. SO fun!

Needtobreathe: Even though I’ve tried to not become a fan of them, it’s hard to live at camp and not hear them a lot. So, I hopped on the Needtobreathe bandwagon this year and am loving it (and their music)!

OPI: Over the past two-ish years, I’ve become more of a fan of painting my nails than I ever imagined. OPI is my most recent favorite brand; I even downloaded the OPI app this year. #basicwhitegirl

Pax: The ice storm/snow storm Pax hit Augusta HARD in February. I had two days off of school, spent a few days with my parents, and thankfully had no damage done to my house.

Quilt: I slept with the t-shirt quilt my aunt made me a lot this summer. (Q is hard to come up with, people!)

Rend Collective: I hadn’t been to a concert in a few years (call me a grandma, I just don’t like to spend money on them), but this was one of my favorites! It was such a beautiful time of worship.

Seven: I read the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014. This book rocked my world, and I can honestly say I have less stuff than I did last year. I did my own 7 challenge this year, and my view on stuff, materialism, and waste has really been changed. I’ve also been able to really value Jesus more than stuff. Crazy, huh?

Teaching: Oh, it’s been a journey of being a student teacher this year, but a good one, for sure! I spent a total of 12 weeks in 2 different schools this year, and I learned so much from both schools. I am looking forward to my final semester of college that will be ALL student teaching.

Undergrad: I finished all of my classes as an undergrad this year, which means I MAY NEVER HAVE TO BE A STUDENT AGAIN! Doubtful. But, this is still something to celebrate! All that’s left is one semester of student teaching!

Video Messages: Do you ever send a video message to your friends? I only do it to a couple of friends, specifically the ones who aren’t in my day-to-day life, and they send them back. They crack me up!

Work: Besides my nine weeks at camp, I spent the rest of the year working at Bath and Body Works. It’s no secret that I really enjoy things (i.e. myself, my house, my car) to smell good, so add in some fun coworkers, and this place has been more of a blessing than I’d ever planned.

Xerox: (Uhh, potentially stolen from Abby’s blog…) Um, the amount of paper an education major uses + the amount of time spent copying things on said paper on a xerox machine is insane. INSANE!

You Have Won Me: Favorite song of the year, hands down. Check it out here.

Zip line: (Maybe also stolen from Abby’s blog) I had nothing for z, but I went for this. Lots of good conversations took place semi-near the zip line at Beechwood and actually a couple by the zip line or the intermediate ropes course. Okay, let’s just go with the fact that the zip line was near me when I had some great conversations this year.

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