An Opportunity to Give

We ALL know that I love camp. (I promise, one of these days there will be a blog that has NOTHING to do with camp :)). I love how God uses ordinary people to do some extraordinary things in the lives of campers at staff at camp. I love how vulnerable our staff get, how our campers open up, and how far everyone gets stretched out of their comfort zone during their time at camp. But, one of my FAVORITE things about camp is to see kids who came on scholarship–kids who typically could never experience something as “simple” as camp–come to know Jesus because of the generous donations of people like you and me.

I had the opportunity to go to the annual scholarship dinner last Thursday night at camp. I got to hear firsthand from parents of kids who came on scholarship to camp this summer. My favorite story was from a mom whose son I remember very specifically, because he, his counselor, and I had a long chat on the first treehouse of the ropes course one day. He was a great kid, and over his two weeks of camp, I saw how he grew. It was only because of people who sacrificially and generously gave to camp so that he could grow in the Lord.

So, I know you may not have any relation to camp except for the fact that you’re my friend or blog follower. But, I ask you to consider giving to this great organization. God’s moving there in mighty ways. Consider being a part of this movement, please.

2015 Camp Cedar Cliff Scholarship Video from Camp Cedar Cliff on Vimeo.


Because spending less than 24 hours in one of your favorite cities with one of your sweetest friends is always worth it.





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