busy busy busy

life these days is incredibly busy, full of student teaching, work, and coffee. lots and lots of coffee (newest fave: dunkin donuts dark roast). i’ve managed to work a ton, babysit sweet kiddos, grab lunch with a few friends, hit up Augusta’s newest shopping center (HELLO DSW!), go to Augusta Christian’s homecoming, plan outfits, burn fall candles, test out some of OPI’s new Nordic collection, and sleep–some. i’m also dreaming of the future, of teaching in the city, of moving away, of growing up and of graduation. oh, sweet graduation, you are about 200 days away. and i’m counting down the days to you joyfully.

while i still have a ton to do before i can apply for jobs or move away or get a job here and pay for big girl things, i’m going to enjoy these last few months of college. for this weekend, that means i’m grabbing coffee with an old roommate, going to dinner with high school friends (that still sounds odd to me to describe people that way), roadtrippin’ to athens to see friends and BEN RECTOR in concert with one of my favorites from camp, and celebrating the sweetest momma for a special birthday.

life is busy. life is full. life is hard. life is sweet.

and i hope ben rector plays this song because it’s the current anthem of my life.


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