7: Months 5, 6, & 7

While at camp, I chose to only spend my money in 7 “places”. (See this post for more details.) For the most part, I did well with this. I was able to save a decent amount of money, and I was able to not waste my money on things I didn’t need. One weekend, I went to JCrew and bought a dress, and another weekend I went to Target and bought heels (which I sort of needed). So, minus those two purchases, which one was allowed because I built in a safety net, I did well. I learned that I sometimes waste my money (I already knew that), and that even though Target is cuter, Walmart can satisfy my basic human needs. I won’t lie. This was really hard. And my parents may or may not have purchased a couple of things for me when they came and visited. But, I’m glad I did this, and even in the few weeks of being home, I’ve walked away from a bunch of things that I don’t need because I don’t need to spend the money. I have, however, been to Target too many times to count. AND our Target is adding produce to it/getting remodeled, so I know I’ll be there even more 🙂

So, what am I going to do for this final month of 7? I was going to eat only 7 foods for the month, but after trying that back in the spring, I just don’t know that I can truly do that. However, I want to still be aware of my waste, so I’m going to not eat out during the month of September. This will not only be healthier and financially smart, it will be hard! I mean, who doesn’t love a Chickfila sandwich or tacos from our local Mexican restaurant? I am going to Atlanta one weekend, and because of the situation, I’ll have to eat out for at least one meal. But other than that, I’m going cold turkey and eating all meals at home. EEK.


And in other news….this is happening THIS weekend! Seems like just yesterday they got engaged! And on Saturday they will be married!!!!! So, that’s what I’ll be doing all weekend long 🙂



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