end of summer

While I had a few weeks of summer before I left for camp, I only had one day in between coming home from camp and starting student teaching. However, I’ve been trying to enjoy every possible moment I can before classes start for me, and I’d say I did a pretty good job of packing a lot in during these past two weeks.


Kaila and I went to the Biltmore Estate this past Saturday to celebrate her birthday! WOW. If you’ve never been and you enjoy any type of history, I would say go right now! It was absolutely breathtaking. And it was just so fun breathing in that mountain air.


My friend Cole (next to me) is moving to Texas in about three weeks for work. He’s been trying his hardest to catch up with all of us before he leaves, and it’s been a lot of fun catching up with my high school friends!


I got to watch these two the other night! I’d missed them tremendously. I asked them all sorts of questions about KINDERGARTEN and K3! They willingly answered but were obviously not as amazed by how old they are as I was (still am)!


I managed to grab dessert at Boll Weevil with this crew before Jamie and Ryan headed back to school!


While in Asheville on Saturday, I swung by camp for a few minutes to see a few of my favorites, including this girl!


Round 2 of hanging out with high school friends was just as sweet as round 1!




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