7: Month 4

For this month of 7, I took one day each week as my “Sabbath”. OH MY GOODNESS, y’all. Do it. Having one day each week that was meant just to rest and relax was pure genius. I mean, obviously the Lord knew what He was doing when He rested. Why don’t we? That could lead to a whole other post where I talk about Americanized Christianity, and honestly, I just don’t want to do that today. But, for real, taking a day each week to rest is so necessary.

Only one of my “Sabbaths” was on Sunday; the rest were other days during the week. Too many Sundays I had to work or I had a church event that made the day last longer/not be a real day of rest. I slept in on every day that I took as my “Sabbath”, and I did a lot of reading. A LOT. I did some shopping (shocker), and I caught up with friends. This month was incredibly busy with finishing classes + work + babysitting. It was nice to have a day each week that was devoted to whatever I needed to do to rest.

I’m at camp now, so I’m done with that month of 7. However, I’m embarking on a harder journey as I’m at camp. I’m going to spend money in only 7 places during the two months that I’m at camp this summer. The reason I chose to do this now is because I spent (read: wasted) a lot of money at camp last summer. While I’m at camp almost 24/7 and can’t exactly go to Target whenever I want, I can however buy things online. And oh boy did I ever do that. Also, there is a JCrew Warehouse Store just down the road from camp so add in incredibly great deals + a discount, and I spent TOO much money there. Needless to say, it was pretty much a no-brainer when I decided to only spend money in 7 places while at camp. What are the 7 places, you ask?

  1. Food – While this encompasses a lot of things, I honestly can’t just put one place on here for food. I’m responsible for two of my meals on my day off, so I’m not really sure where that will be. I am, however, going to try and limit my random Starbucks and Cookout trips because those are just unnecessary in general.
  2. Gas – Again, I can’t pinpoint just one gas station. I may go home on one of my days off, and I also plan to visit a friend or two, so it may be at more than one gas station.
  3. WalMart – I sort of hate WalMart. Like, let’s be honest. There are never enough cash registers open, and you can never find exactly what you want. BUT, I have to go to WalMart for camp. I know I will. And, by going to WalMart for the groceries/toiletries/life things I’ll need, I’ll be less tempted to buy really cute things at Target.
  4. Camp – This year, I’m doing my laundry at camp, which is something we have to pay for. There are a few other expenses that I have to pay for at camp as well, so it just makes sense to have this as one of my places.
  5. Ingles – Publix is by far my favorite grocery store, but there aren’t any in Asheville (or even in North Carolina, I think?). But, Ingles is a pretty good alternative, and it’s right around the corner from camp, so it’s nice to pop in whenever I want to buy a Naked juice or some fruit.
  6. My Church – I don’t want to sound pretentious or holier than thou, but we, as Christians, have been called to give back to our local body of believers. While I’m not there in Augusta, I still find this incredibly important, and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to give online.
  7. Random – I’m giving myself one random shopping opportunity. I have a feeling of what this might be, but I’m not completely sure, so I’m just going to leave it there as that. What can I say? 9 weeks is a long time, and I may want to buy something for myself at some point.

I’m at camp now, and I am learning so much that I’ll have to post on that later. However, I want to share with you these beautiful flowers I was greeted with on Wednesday!




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