I LOVE summer break! I am so happy to be done with school and enjoying the time I have in Augusta before I go to camp. I’ve been babysitting and working like crazy, trying to spend time with friends and family in between. This week has been a LOT slower than the past two, so I’ve taken full advantage of sleeping in and time for naps. I’m headed to the beach this weekend, and then it will be some more babysitting before time to leave for camp.


Spent the day/night/next morning with these two cuties. We saw Frozen in the dollar theater, dyed Easter eggs, went to Target, Chickfila, and the canal, and played hard. I love love love being their Ash Ash


Isn’t this the cutest picture? Gosh, I love him!


Celebrated this sweet lady on Mother’s day. She’s the best. And apparently the cool thing to do is dress like your parents.


Spending summer nights with these guys is the best.


And because it’s coming up on Sunday, happy first anniversary to the pretty girl in the middle and her husband. Can’t believe it’s been a YEAR!


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