The semester is finally over! FINALLY. I’ve been looking forward to the end of this semester for a while. For some reason, this semester was incredibly long and felt like it would never end. I am thankful for another semester with my sweet friends, and I’m looking forward to spending another semester with them in the fall. However, I am SO ready for the break, and I can’t wait for camp to begin!


On the last day of class, we dressed up as our favorite historical figures for our social studies class. I was Jackie O, and it was fun getting to dress up like her! I wish I had a different scarf to use as a head scarf, but it worked. It was a fun way to end the semester!


These girls have made the first year in the elementary education program so much better. I am grateful for them!


I got to spend Saturday at one of my favorite places in the world. I spent Saturday night at Emma Kate’s, which was so fun, and I headed up to camp early Saturday morning. I got to spend the day in the Trading Post (where I’ll be this summer), and I got to catch up with some of my favorite people. I’m so looking forward to this summer! Only 31 more days!!

And I’m basically singing this song all the time now. IT’S SUMMERTIME!

Or this one…because I’m loving all things Frozen (#babysittingalldayeveryday)



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