felicity: the state of being happy


While finishing a project in the wee hours of the morning (and being the only one at Panera when they opened), does not exactly fall into the state of “felicity”, the rest of this week definitely has. After turning in a HUGE project (what a weight lifted off my shoulders), I was able to enjoy Holy Week. It all started with an unexpected phone call from Watso (whom I get to see this weekend) which was bliss. Add in a cancelled class, a phone date with T-Foss about her recent trip to the land down under, a birthday party for my favorite boys, a coffee date with Caroline, Easter lunch with my family, enoing at the canal with Kaila, and dinner with some of my favorite Augustans and this week was just wonderful!


LOVED celebrating Jack + Joe. (Didn’t manage to grab a pic of Jack 😦 ) Graham & Casie threw a great party, and these boys smiled the whole night. So fun getting to love on them!


The Augusta Canal is one of my favorite places in Augusta, and Easter Sunday was the perfect day to eno there. Kaila and I ended the night with dinner with some of the guys, and it was just a taste of freedom + summer. Only one week of classes left!


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