Sunday at Augusta

I’ve lived in Augusta basically my entire life. I grew up about a mile away from the gates to the course. And in those twenty years, I’ve never once been to the Masters. Tickets don’t just go on trees, and whenever we have gotten tickets, we’ve sold them. It’s INSANE the amount of money you can get for tickets. I didn’t care too much about the Masters when I was younger. I honestly was annoyed by the whole thing; Augusta goes upside down during this week. But, as I got older, I began to understand just how cool this tournament was. People from literally all over the world come to my little city for a week to watch golfers make history. We haven’t gotten tickets in a while, so I haven’t had the opportunity to go. However, yesterday, I got the chance to go for just an hour or so. And it was such a perfect day. Kaila and I got to see Bubba Watson (we even stood next to his wife!), Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, etc. It was so fun, and I am SO glad Bubba won again!! What a classy guy. 20140414-125824.jpg

 Masters selfies with my bestie 🙂


On Tournament days you can’t bring your camera onto the course, and you can never bring your cell phone in. So, after we handed off our badges to Kaila’s brother and his girlfriend, we went back and got my phone from my car. We took a picture by the scoreboard off of Berckmans Road. So fun!



I loved how Bubba gave high-fives to the patrons that were on 18. And how CUTE is his son? I also love Ben Rector, so I found this super cool!

Sunday at Augusta, you were spectacular. There aren’t enough words to describe just how beautiful you are, Augusta National. Here’s to hoping we can snag some tickets again next year!

Oh, and no, I wasn’t wearing any of my clothes from 7. But, I think this was an exception that was totally allowed. I mean, I wasn’t about to go to the Masters without anything from JCrew on 🙂


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