Spring Breakin’

Spring Break has finally arrived, and I’m enjoying every single minute of this week off of school. I may be working, babysitting, and doing school work pretty much the whole week, but I’m so glad to not be on campus! So far the week has been filled with a DIY project, a quick trip to Athens, some house guests (not including my parents who are also with me for the week), and some shopping. It’s not exactly a trip to the beach, but it is still nice in its own way.


Kaila and I went to Athens to watch her boyfriend run finish a half marathon. I absolutely love Athens, and I really enjoy the restaurants/coffee shops/boutiques that make Athens so special. A friend of mine introduced me to Two Story Coffee a few years ago, and I like to swing by there whenever I make it to Athens. I decided to grab some coffee when I was there this time, and it was a flavor I’d never tried. I’m loving this coffee so much so far!


Last year I redid four of my card table chairs during spring break, and I wanted to do the other four this year. I was able to find a fabric that didn’t require me to paint the chairs, which was FINE with me. These turned out to be a little more complicated than the other ones, and I had to use hot glue instead of the staple gun, but I think they turned out great (after picture is below).



This sweet babe turns FIVE tomorrow. 5 whole years old. I can barely believe it’s been five years since Jack entered the world and changed so many lives for the better. I love this sweet boy, and I am so blessed to be his Ash Ash.


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