It’s the People, Not the Places

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting outside of the Science Hall on campus, killing some time after a meeting with a professor and before class started. I was eating an apple and enjoying the glorious weather we had that day (80 degrees only a week after an ice storm–that’s GA weather for ya). There were tons of people milling about around campus. People catching up with friends, a group of guys playing football on the field, etc. I kept thinking how this place–this university–has changed people in certain ways. How people will never forget their 4, 5, 6, 7+ years spent here. How this is “the best time of their life” for some and how it’s just a stepping stool towards a final goal for others. And then it hit me. It’s the people, not the places that make all the difference in the world.

It’s the people who made every one of my years at Augusta Christian so special. It’s the people who understood the woes of dress code and relished in the lunch privileges of senior year that make me love my time spent there. It’s the people who know all the inside jokes and remember every trip we took together. It’s the people who spent hours investing in me, listening to me, and encouraging me during life’s trials. It’s the people who helped mold me into a better person, not the place.
It’s the people who play in the snow with me and celebrate the little things in life with me. It’s the people who came into my life at exactly the right time. It’s the people who I go to lunch with after church on Sundays and who are willing to meet up for light night Krispy Kreme or Waffle House. It’s the people who embrace me because of my flaws and who teach me something new every single day. It’s the people who will make my college experience so special, not the place.
*not all are pictured here 
It’s the people who ended up meaning so much to me that I decided to spend another summer with them. It’s the people who evolved into being another peculiar yet special family. It’s the people who understand that hiking up the rappel trail scares me so much that they let me ride in the truck when necessary. It’s the people who you don’t see for months at a time, yet when you get to see them at that special place, you begin again right where you left off. It’s the people who make me love every minute that I get to spend at Camp Cedar Cliff, not the place.
It’s the people that I fell in love with in Australia, not the place. It’s the people who took me to see the native animals and who brought me Macca’s cokes because they knew I loved them. It’s the people who washed my clothes and listened to my struggles as I lived two months in a foreign land. It’s the people who welcomed me into their homes and their lives and gave me a new family in a land 10,000 miles away. It’s the people who make me miss that suburb of Melbourne every single day, not the place.
It’s the people, not the place that make life so beautiful.

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