Pax, ATL, 7, & More

What a horrible title but I couldn’t think of anything more creative, so that’s that.

If you’ve seen any type of news coverage or are friends with anyone who lives in Augusta, than you know that we got hit really bad last week by Pax. While Atlanta and Charlotte got snow, we got ice. Ice, ice, and more ice. My parents and I were without power for almost five days, and it was no fun. Okay, it was sort of fun the first night…reading by oil lamps (because only my parents would have those) and having flashlight wars, but after that it was no fun. I am incredibly thankful for a gas fireplace and a gas hot water heater. We survived, and while there are rumors of another ice storm in the next 10 days or so, I’m going to enjoy the spring like temps we have right now.

Kaila and I had been planning to go to Atlanta this past weekend since, well, since the last time we went to Atlanta. It’s fun to get out of Augusta, and it’s fun to see old friends. We said goodbye to crazy looking Augusta and hit the road headed west. It was a very low key weekend, but it was really nice. Our big adventure was going shooting, and it was so fun, even if I wasn’t very accurate 🙂
Rend Collective let out a music video to their song “My Lighthouse” yesterday. I love it so much already, and I can’t wait to get their new album in March!
Also, I was planning on starting my next month of 7 yesterday, and I was going to do only 7 foods. But with where I am spiritually and emotionally, I decided to do my social media month starting next week. I’m going to be doing my 5 weeks of student teaching, and I think it will be the best move for me so that I can be fully committed to teaching and not distracted.
Happy Tuesday!

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