Thoughts on Month 1 of 7

I’ll admit that this month was/will be one of the easier months of 7. It honestly didn’t affect my day-to-day activities, and only people who knew that I was doing 7 knew what I was doing this month. With my class schedule and my work schedule, I didn’t necessarily “give” something away each and every day. I did have a goal of 210 things (7 things a day x 30 days = 210 things) to give away, and I went over that goal for sure.

While cleaning out drawers/closets/cabinets, I came up with a few observations about the things I’ve kept over the years that I don’t use anymore.

  1. Just because it came from Gap, JCrew, Banana Republic, etc. does NOT mean that I have to keep it. If it doesn’t fit/I don’t like it anymore, I don’t need to keep it.
  2. Just because I have a coupon and Gap, JCrew, Banana Republic, etc. has a sale going on does NOT mean that I need to buy anything. Just because it is a good deal doesn’t mean that it is worth spending money on.
  3. Just because an aunt/friend/family member gave me that scarf/purse/book does NOT mean that I have to keep it. They will probably NEVER know if I keep it or don’t, and if it’s not being used, get rid of it!
  4. Just because I can buy a book doesn’t mean that I need to (this one is still hard for me to grasp). There are things called libraries for a reason. I can justify buying books I know I’ll want to write in or have for a while, but there are some books that are fun to read once but I’ll never read again. Those I should’ve gotten from the library, not wasted money on.
In all of my 22 years of life (well as long as I can remember), I have had two Rubbermaid totes that hold my winter clothes in the summer and my summer clothes in the winter. In March and October of every year, I switch out the clothes. NOT ANYMORE. For the first time in my life, all of my clothes are in my dressers and closet in my room. I feel incredibly accomplished.
I learned this month that it is truly better to give than to receive. I’ve been able to give away some things to people who appreciated them more than I did, and that made my heart swell. Shopping is definitely one of my favorite things to do, and I love getting a great deal. But, after going through all the things I have, I know it’ll probably be a while before I have a shopping spree (as much as I want to). Here’s to two weeks off of the 7 challenge; I’ll be preparing for the next month which will be eating only 7 foods. EEEK.

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