a few weeks in

I’m not sure whether going back to school after Christmas is worse than going back to school after the summer. Christmas break is such a tease to me. It’s a wonderful time of the year, and so many of my friends are home. You eat good food, you make lots of memories, you turn a year older, etc. And then just like that it’s over. In the summer, it’s weeks and months of doing that, so I’m kind of ready for the routine again. Either way, I’m still partially in denial that I’m in the third week of spring semester. Part of it has to do with a canceled class and MLK day. Hopefully next week will be normal, and I’ll be back in a routine.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying people and life as much as I possibly can despite having to go to class. Pictures below prove this statement:

Casie, Jack, and Joe took me out for birthday ice cream. LOVE that family.
I went to camp last weekend, and it SNOWED.
Running ground school for the ropes course in 30 degrees will make you look like you’re headed to the arctic.
I also spent some time learning more about my job for the summer!!!
Have you ever heard of Graze? It’s a company that sends you healthy snacks. You get your first box free. It was SO good! I really enjoyed these snacks!
“I Like You” by Ben Rector, my most recent favorite

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