I don’t know about you…

….but I’m feeling 22! Thanks TSwift for making 22 a little more exciting to look forward to than other ages!

22 has been great so far. I brought in the new year and my birthday with a few friends at Kaila’s boyfriend’s house. It wasn’t anything crazy, but it was spent with some of my sweet friends, so I’ll take it 🙂

I celebrated my birthday with lunch with my sweet friend Caroline, phone calls from two sweet friends and two sweet “nephews”, lots of texts and FB posts, and dinner with my parents. I’m going to have dinner with my best friends from high school one night, and I’m heading to Atlanta this weekend for a birthday trip with some sweet friends! It’s been a great birthday so far.

I decided to come up with 22 things that I want to accomplish through this year. And here they are…

1. Read one book a month that isn’t school related.
2. Complete the 7 challenge (more to come on this later).
3. Become certified to run the high ropes course and the intermediate ropes course at camp this summer.
4. Visit someone that I didn’t visit in 2013.
5. Do something completely spontaneous. (I know this is kind of ironic as I plan to do this, but you know…I’m trying.)
6. Have a phone date with a friend once a month.
7. Try a new recipe once a month (except for the two months I’m at camp).
8. Become more involved with my church.
9. Send out 5 letters each month to friends/family.
10. Redo the 4 card table chairs that I didn’t redo in 2013.
11. Buy the meal or drink of the person behind me in the drive thru line.
12. Apply to grad school and/or apply for a teaching job (EEEEEEEKKKKKKK).
13. Memorize a Scripture each week; so basically memorize 52 verses.
14. Visit the Dukes with Emma Kate.
15. Go to a new place.
16. Work out more than I did in 2013.
17. Learn how to start a fire.
18. Visit the Biltmore.
19. Surprise a friend.
20. Volunteer for something.
21. Try a new food/beverage that I normally wouldn’t want to.
22. Grow closer to the Lord.


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