Fifth Annual Tacky Sweater Christmas Party

On Thursday night, we had our FIFTH annual tacky sweater Christmas party. I can barely believe that this was the fifth time we did this. How have we been doing this five years? I feel incredibly old. (You can read about Year 2, Year 3,  and Year 4.)This was the lowest turnout we’ve had, but it just shows how old we’re getting. People had things to do with their husbands (okay that was only Hannah), and plenty of others were either out of town or just busy with life. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if we’ll get to have one next year. So many of us will have graduated (not me) and we’ll be well into adulthood. One of my friends just accepted a job in Texas, and I have other friends applying to grad school. IS THIS REAL LIFE? I feel so old. Okay, moving on….

Love these ladies!
Thanks, MB, for making us take a “fake” laughing picture 🙂
I have no words.
I just want the world to know that my sweater is about the 12 Days of Christmas (best one I’ve ever had; shout out to my mom for getting this one for me!)
Love this sweet best friend of mine!
Hope you are enjoying the tackiest, merriest time of the year!

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