Post Finals

Finals week is over, and I feel like I finally have my life back. This semester was incredibly tough in that it was so time consuming, but it is OVER. I have officially read 8 books in the last 10 or so days, and I’m currently working on books 9 and 10. It’s so nice to read for pleasure!!! When I’m not reading, I’ve been spending some time working and hanging out with friends. I plan to enjoy every single minute of this Christmas break and not think about school ONCE!

 We made Christmas trees out of ice cream cones and icing and lots of sprinkles. I love these boys, and I love spending time with them!
This picture CRACKS ME UP. It’s from our Thanksgiving dinner, and I think it’s hilarious at how Kaila and I are making basically the same face.
We decided to roll a tree at my parents’ house (making our own Toomer’s Corner), and one of my parents’ neighbors, whom we’ve never met, drove by, yelled War Eagle, and joined in rolling Toomer’s with us.
Can’t wait for Pasadena!
And it’s official! I’m going back to camp next year!

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