In Case You Didn’t Hear…


The worst part? I had given up hope on my beloved tigers. Really, I had. It was 28-21 Alabama with about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. So, I headed to Old Navy to make some returns, and I glanced at the ESPN app on my phone to see that the game was tied. Still, I had little hope that the tigers were going to pull through. I called my mom to ask her a question, and pretty soon after I heard some incredibly loud screams from my parents.

Because of this.

The amount of texts I received after this saying “Congrats” and “War Eagle” was pretty hilarious. I decided to look up prices of SEC championship tickets, and Dad and I decided that we couldn’t drop $600 for nosebleed seats (although it would be a trip of a lifetime).

Love this shirt from J&M!
Did I say War Eagle? War Eagle. Here’s to beating Mizzou on Saturday and winning the SEC championship. I think it’s their year! (And even if it isn’t, we beat UGA & Alabama. I’ll take it!)

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