Week of Thanksgiving

I went to camp last weekend to work another retreat. I originally wasn’t planning on going, but I knew I didn’t have to work at home, and I knew I wouldn’t be back at camp until January or maybe February so I decided to make the most of this opportunity. I headed up a little early to have lunch with some sweet women there, and then I headed off to spend time with the Dukes!

Matt (their dad) was out of town this weekend, so I took the kiddos some to give Katie (their mom) time with the newest Duke, baby Levi. It wasn’t too cold on Friday, so we spent some time riding bikes, visiting those in the office, and walking around camp.
On Saturday, we walked around camp some more, played on the playground, and then hopped on a hayride. These kiddos had so much fun, and I’m grateful for the time I got with these sweet babies. Camp will not be the same without them!
Beautiful in every season.
On Tuesday, my Bible study group came over, and we had a Thanksgiving dinner. I, with the help of my friend Kaila, made this 20 pound turkey for all of us to eat. I feel like I can now do anything. #SUCCESS
Andddd the Christmas tree is up! I’m ready for the most wonderful time of the year (almost)!!

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