Happy Fall Y’all!

Happy fall friends! I hope you are doing fun fall things like carving pumpkins, wearing boots and scarves, going to corn mazes, and drinking apple cider. While I haven’t done any of those things yet, I plan on carving pumpkins this coming weekend and drinking apple cider the second Augusta hits 60 degrees. I’m over this whole 85 degrees during the month of October. It’s ridiculous! But here’s a look as to what I have been doing during the hot fall…

I went to Costco a couple of weeks ago with my parents. We saw this 160qt. pot (who needs something that large, anyway?!), and of course my mom hopped in it. Life is never dull with those two…
I spent a Saturday morning at Monkey Joe’s with these two cuties. Gosh, I love them.
I decorated the house for fall despite the hot and humid weather.
I survived (and loved) my first day of student teaching! I have to drive an hour to the school each way, but the students and teachers are fantastic!
We had our first fire of fall the other night. No s’mores, but still good fire talks!
It was family day at my dad’s company, and we had quite fun playing with the photo props!
One of the girls I’m in the education program with got married yesterday, and a few of us went to her wedding. She made a beautiful bride! Congrats, Tara!
A few of my favorites were home this weekend, and I got to see them. We made a Cookout run which was so fun!
And to end a fun weekend, I got a phone call from my sweet friend Kasey from camp this morning. Long story short, she came to Augusta, and we got to catch up for a few hours! Made my weekend!
Happy fall friends!

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