Back in May, before I left for camp, a woman that I went to the Northern Territory with in Australia, Christa, posted on facebook that she and her family were coming to the States in August/September. She is originally from Florida, and she married Stu, who is from Australia. They live in Australia, and they visit the States to see friends and family every couple of years. So, we made some plans for me to come down and visit during Labor Day weekend. Then I headed to camp and met some great people who live in Florida, and I decided to visit them. Add in a few days with some cousins and this was a very eventful trip!

I left last Wednesday after class and spent the night with my BFF, Chelsea, in Statesboro. The next morning, I headed to Jacksonville where I got to have coffee with two of my ACITs. It was so weird having them drive themselves there to meet me. It was so rewarding to get to spend time with these sweet girls!
After my Starbucks date with Hope and Natalie, I headed to Orlando and met up with my friend Madison. We shopped some and ate dinner, and it felt like no time had passed since the last time we’d seen each other! I then headed to Christa’s parents’ house, where Christa gave me this sweet gift. It’s an Australian children’s book that I can use in my classroom one day!
On Friday, I spent the day with Christa and her girls at New Smyrna Beach. It was so nice to get to spend some time at the beach after being in the mountains all summer!
After some shopping at the outlets on Saturday, I headed to Satellite Beach where I spent the next two days with my cousins. When I got there, my cousin, Jordan, asked me, “How do you feel about spending 37 of the next 48 hours on the water?” We didn’t spend that many, but most of our time was spent on the water. It was such a FUN time, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit there!
And this has nothing to do with Labor Day, but my friend Abby from camp posted this to my FB wall yesterday, and I cracked up. Absolutely love this picture!
Happy Thursday!

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