where they’re at

My roommate for this summer, Mary Leslie, was big on “meeting people where they’re at”. There were countless mornings where she would wake up super early to run with one of the ACITs. Even though we didn’t have to be up for about two more hours, she would wake up and run with this girl. They would pray over camp, over staff, and over campers. While it was a sacrifice for ML, it meant a lot to this ACIT.

There’s this athletic field at camp where we play lots of our big group games. At one end of the field, there’s this huge hill. Whenever Day Camp has their slip ‘n slide, they set it up here, so you go down the hill. At the top of the hill is a building where there are bathrooms, and it’s common for campers to go up to the top of the hill and roll down.

On Monday nights, we had dinner out on this field, and like at many meals, I was sitting next to my tiny BFF for the summer, Anna. As we’re finishing our food, campers are rolling down the hill a little more than usual, and it caught Anna’s attention. She looked at me and said, “Will you roll down the hill with me?” I’d just eaten a cheeseburger, baked beans, and chips, and I could already feel my stomach reacting to camp food like it did daily. But, how could you say no to this sweet face?

So, I headed about halfway up the hill with Anna, and we started rolling. We only rolled a few times, but I knew it was something she’d remember for a while. We got all itchy and scratchy from the grass, and more than once I thought I was going to throw up. But, I met her where she was at. While she’s only four, I was able to see the sacrifice in my heart and do something to show love to this sweet girl.
Jesus met people where they were at all the time. Whether that meant healing them in that moment or feeding them or meeting whatever need it was, Jesus was there to meet them. He got on their level, he loved them, and he met them where they were. He showed them that He wasn’t too prideful or too important to get down in the trenches where they were at and do something with them at that moment that was important to them.
It was beyond easy to meet Anna where she was. She’s absolutely adorable, and she’s just so lovable. My small sacrifices were nothing compared to those that other people sacrifice on a daily basis. But, it was a learning moment for me. I try to meet my friends where they’re at, but there are plenty of times that I don’t do that. Not only am I convicted to meet my friends where they’re at, I’m convicted to meet my classmates where they’re at. I spend literally all day with a group of 15 or so girls on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I’ll spend the rest of my college career with them. I know a lot about them, even after only a few days of class. How can I meet them where they’re at and show them the love of Jesus?
How can you meet the people in your life where they’re at? How can you show them the love of Jesus? How can you say no to your pride and get down on their level? I hope that God will show you how and who you can do that to this week!



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