Dear Maggie,

I’ve literally watched you grow up. I remember the days where you were this young. It seems like just yesterday you were in middle school tagging along with all of us as we headed to Chelsea’s house or to the movies or out to eat. I can’t believe you’re going to college.
Times spent with you have always been fun. Whether it’s been sleepovers or church events or just random hangouts like going to Bruster’s one night, we’ve always had a blast. You’ve never ceased to make me laugh!
I can barely remember going to any church thing without you being there. Whether it was Bible studies that I led or summer camp or any of the other numerous events we went to, you were there. So many of my favorite memories from youth group include you, and for that I’m so grateful!
Probably some of my favorite memories include our constant trips to Moe’s and Starbucks. I always loved catching up on your life when we would go there, and I loved getting to spend that time with you. Whatever the latest dilemma was, we would talk it out there. If only those walls in Moe’s and Starbucks could talk…
Another of my favorite memories would be all of the football games that we would go to. We’d either all pile in the Browns car or your parents would drive one and we’d be in the other. One of the best of those weekends was the weekend we all stayed in Hilton Head and spent Saturday at the beach.
Senior year was a blast for me, because I got to watch you experience the first of all the things I was experiencing the last of. Homecoming was one of those times, and of course we all had a blast! And who can forget all of our talks by our lockers? Only the Lord could’ve planned that out!
Since Drew was going through all of the stuff I was going through, you got to be at all of the fun moments of senior year. You made it all the more fun, and you were always excited for me and for what the future held!
The summer after my senior year was sort of hard for me because I knew I would never get to experience some of my favorite years of high school with you. After plenty of years of spending time with you, I had to trust that the Lord was going to watch over you, and that He definitely did.
Over the past three years, it has been wonderful to get to see God work in you in some really cool ways. You have grown up to be such a beautiful, loving woman of the Lord. A woman that I am proud to be able to call a friend.
We spent a lot of your senior year talking through what would happen next. We both loved our senior years at ACS, and the idea of doing something different scared us both to death. But, I lived through it and have enjoyed it and so will you!
We also spent a lot of your senior year having sleepovers with Jamie, going on road trips, and talking about boys…wait, we’ve been doing that for years!!! I was able to watch you become confident in who you were in Christ, and what a blessing that was for me!
There were plenty of crazy, ridiculous times during your senior year as well. From the fireworks on New Year’s Eve to all of the beaver adventures to countless other things, it’s been a blast.
During this year, I’ve gone through a lot, but you’ve been the most supportive “little sister” I could ever ask for. You’ve listened, and I’ve listened. Our relationship has turned into more of a friendship instead of me being the older one and you being the younger one.
I’m so glad I got to spend the night before you left town helping you pack up. I cannot wait to see all that God does in and through you during your first semester in college. Mags, you are the sweetest and one of my favorite blessings in life! Love you so much!

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