fab couple of weeks

It’s been a wonderful two weeks of just hanging out, catching up, and sleeping way more than I ever did at camp. Classes start on Monday, and while I’m not looking forward to taking 18 hours, I am excited about getting to be in the program and focus more on my major. I’ll get to be in the classroom a lot more, and that makes me excited about school! And even though Mondays and Wednesdays will be some looooooong days, I’ll have some sweet four days weekends 🙂

I got to hang out with sweet Jamie before she headed off to UGA! She’s now an Alpha Gam, and I’m so excited for her!
I’ve also spent some time with my sweet Mags. I can’t believe she’ll be a freshman in college in just a few short weeks. Thankfully I’ll get to see her a little bit more before she heads off to Carollton!
Spent the afternoon with my favorite boys!
It took a few attempts to get a good picture…
…getting there…
Had dinner with these guys + a few more for our “once a year dinner” (we really see each other more than that), and it was so good to catch up!
I’ve also spent some time with some more people, catching up, grabbing lunch, registering for classes, and even a little bit of shopping. I’m excited to see what this semester brings, and I’m looking forward to a few road trips. I’m heading back to camp this weekend to work the Augusta Christian senior retreat, which makes me so happy. I can’t wait to see some of my favorite camp friends + some of my favorite ACS staff/teachers. Happy Thursday, friends!

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